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Request for Quasi-Judicial Review


Follow the instructions on this form to appeal bear trash violations, rental licensing, facilities suspensions, and marijuana code enforcement  penalties imposed by a City of Boulder agency. 

1.    Complete this form and submit it to the court no later than 10 days of the date of the Notice of Agency Action.
2.    You will receive confirmation of receipt.  Due to the process, please allow two weeks prior to hearing back to set up the quasi-judicial hearing. Indicate below whether you wish to receive notice of your court hearing date by mail or email. If you have not received confirmation of your appeal request after five business days, call the court at 720-564-2327.
3.    You must appear for your court hearing date on the date and time set forth in the Setting Notice.
4.    You must pay a $25 administrative fee for Rental Licensing, Parks and Recreation, and Marijuana enforcement violations ONLY.

You may also print and fill out the Request for Quasi-Judicial Review pdf in writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the quasi-judicial review hearing?

The purpose of the hearing is for the court to determine whether the City of Boulder has properly assessed a civil penalty for a violation of a city ordinance. Please refer to 1-3-3 Notice of Agency Action for more information.

What is the appeal process like?

Please refer to this chart for a detailed look at the appeal process

Please refer to this page for hearing rules pdf

How long will the hearing last?

Each case is unique. Review hearings usually last between 45 minutes and an hour, but can be longer when there exist multiple issues to be addressed.

Where can I find the ordinances for the City of Boulder?

Ordinances can be found online in the city's Municipal Code . Below are links to some of the ordinances applicable in quasi-judicial hearings:

Bear-Resistant Container

Facility Suspensions

Rental Licensing

Marijuana Enforcement

How do I pay my civil penalty?

If you are appealing a penalty, you are not required to pay anything until the appeal has been decided. If you are required to make a payment as a result of your hearing, you will be directed to make your payments directly to the agency that imposed the penalty. Payment information can be located on the Notice of Agency Action letter that you received. PLEASE DO NOT PAY THE CIVIL PENALTY UNTIL YOUR APPEAL HAS BEEN DECIDED .

Is there a fee for setting up a quasi-judicial review hearing?

Yes, there is a $25 fee for quasi-judicial hearings, except for appeals of bear trash penalties. In bear trash cases, there is no fee.

What do I do if my hearing request is late?

If your appeal request is submitted beyond the 10-day deadline, please explain in your request why you did not timely file your appeal. The City Attorney has the right to object to any late-filed appeals. The court will decide if the late-filed appeal will be considered.

Who can I contact for other questions?

Please contact the Civil Settings Clerk at 720-564-2327 or come to the Boulder Municipal Court at 1777 Sixth St., Boulder, CO 80302.