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Neighborhood Block Party Trailer

Neighborhood Block Party Trailer

*** The Neighborhood Block Party Trailer has been a community favorite the past two years. Reservations for 2018 will open Monday, April 9. Stay tuned for more information. ***  

Have you seen Boulder's neighborhood block party trailer around town? The idea is that you only have to add food, drink and neighbors — everything else is contained within the trailer for you, making a block party easy and fun.

All permitting requirements still apply with use of the trailer. You will need a block party permit if you are planning to close the street. Type III barricades (required for street closure) are included in the trailer, available at no cost to the host.

Depending on where you plan to utilize the trailer, you will need to follow one of these three processes. You must indicate which process, based on place and use, that you will follow when you reserve the trailer. Reservation of the trailer itself does not initiate these processes for you.   

1. Trailer will be used completely on private property — such as private residence, HOA pool or park, apartment parking lot with no impact to public right of way or other space utilized by the public.
Requirement: Letter from the property owner indicating participation/permission for use and a full description of how your event will be isolated from the general public and not impact the public right-of-way in any way. Submit to [email protected] and place your name and block party trailer in the subject line of the email to assure receipt. 

2. Trailer will be utilized in public right-of-way  to enhance block parties in Neighborhoods on or near city streets, bike paths and sidewalks. Street may or may not be closed but the right-of-way will in some way potentially be impacted.
Requirement: block party permit must be completed.

3.  Trailer will be utilized at or near a public park.
Parks and Recreation has developed a streamlined permit process to encourage neighborhood gatherings. Use of the park for neighborhood gatherings eliminates deposits, allows gathering to occur outside of the  four-hour time blocks used for shelter rentals and authorizes low level amplified sound. Additionally, activities fitting the neighborhood gathering criteria will not be subject to insurance requirements. 

Please note trailer size: It is 8 feet wide by 10 feet long. The trailer has a total interior height of 6-feet, 7-inches to the center with a rounded roof. The sidewall height is approximately 72 inches (6 feet). Keep this in mind when determining where you will place the trailer for your event.

** View the contents pdf of the neighborhood party trailer and the care and responsibilities pdf requirements for the event host. Please review the Statement of Liability pdf. **

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