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Neighborhood Grants

The Neighborhood Partnership Grant program is an inclusive community program where groups of residents can apply to receive funding for projects that will address specific area needs and create more sustainable neighborhoods. Projects can range from public art to neighborhood gatherings to community planning. All an applicant really needs to apply is a great idea and the support of the neighborhood in which the project is taking place.

The City of Boulder is now accepting Neighborhood Enhancement Grant and Neighborhood Spark Grant applications. Applicants may be asked to attend a short information session with the grant committee for the purpose of sharing project details and answering questions. Process questions should be directed to or 720-564-2111. 

It's an easy five-step process — apply today!

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Types of Neighborhood Grants

  Neighborhood Spark Grant Neighborhood Enhancement Grant


Up to $1,000 Up to $20,000

Application Deadlines

Year-round (until funding expended)

First review: April 5
Second review: Sept. 4
Any remaining funds will be distributed in the fall through an additional process-if needed

Contact with City

Within one month of notice Within one month of notice

Program Details

Neighborhood Partnership Grant program details pdf Neighborhood Partnership Grant program details pdf

Online Application

How to apply How to apply

Reporting Requirements

View requirements View requirements

Neighborhood Spark Grant

Spark Grants are about creating a partnership between the neighborhood and the City of Boulder, therefore they do require some form of contribution other than the funds provided through the grant, but this could be a cash contribution or it can be an in-kind donation of materials, entertainment, supplies, etc. Canopies, chairs, utensils or prizes for participants in events will meet this requirement.

Neighborhood Enhancement Grant

For Enhancement Grants, each partnership requires that the applicant(s), neighborhood or community group donate a 25 percent match of the city's contribution through volunteer labor, donated materials or services, and/or cash. The time spent developing the application for a project can go toward this match. Volunteer labor is valued at $20 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What groups can apply?

All community or neighborhood based groups, nonprofits and ad hoc groups can apply for these grants.

Can an individual apply?

No, the program is intended to enhance the quality of life for the neighborhood not a single neighbor. Gathering support of community groups, neighbors, HOA’s is very important to be competitive in this process.

How do I get support from neighbors?

Gathering signatures and addresses is the easiest way to show you have the support of the neighboring properties. Get neighbors involved early in the process, the more willing supporters you have both on paper and in volunteers will make the project competitive.

Do I need a permit?

Yes, in some instances. The Boulder Municipal Code chapter 8-5 outlines the requirements for right of way permits. All physical improvements need a permit; general weeding or landscaping and community cleanup efforts need waivers but not a permit.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, for some projects. The City of Boulder requires anyone performing work that could result in injury on public property to be covered by the contractors insurance. For simple public art projects or limited landscaping the contractor needs to have each volunteer sign a waiver.

Can I propose a project on private property?

Projects need to have public benefit. In some circumstances this can be achieved through a project on private property.

Can I resubmit my application if it was previously unfunded?

Yes, staff Liaison will have provided feedback and recommendations for future applications. Those should be considered prior to re-applying to increase compatibility with the project.

How will Enhancement Grant funding be distributed?

Enhancement Grant funding will be distributed to projects scoring the highest, based on the evaluation criteria shared in the project description.

What if I want to apply for a project between $1,000 and $20,000?

Applications over $1,000 requests should be submitted as Enhancement Grants. These applications can range up to $20,000. Target distribution rates are $20,000 per funding cycle.

Is it possible for applicants to be approved for partial funding?

Yes, partial funding is possible. The applicant will then have an opportunity to accept or deny the resulting contract (amount funded). If funds are refused, previously denied projects may then become eligible again and re-consideration will occur. Those applicants would be contacted as soon as the potential for funding is established. Priority for funding would be based on the scoring of the applications and the amount of funds still available.

Where can I find the Reimbursement Request Form?

How long will it take to receive reimbursement after I submit my form and a copy of my receipts?

You should receive reimbursement within 30 days of your submission.
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