After our After Action Review process at the end of 2022 and into 2023, here are some adjustments we've made for Reservoir operations this year.

In the fall of 2022 Boulder Parks and Recreation (BPR) conducted an After Action Review process and, based on that feedback, have made some operational changes at the Reservoir for 2023.

Here are the adjustments we have made to Reservoir operations in 2023:

Aquatic Nuisance program

  • We will continue to not issue permits to any new Class 5 watercraft, which includes no new Class 5 permits for new boaters or for current boaters who replace their current class 5 watercraft.
  • Existing boat permit holders may renew, however Class 5 watercraft must boat exclusively at the Reservoir.
  • Continue the existing watercraft inspection and decontamination program, which includes inspecting all watercraft as they enter and exit the Reservoir.

We will explore the future of all Class V boating during the future Boulder Reservoir Master Plan update.

New pass option

  • A Reservoir-only pass will allow unlimited entrances from April to October. Permit fees will still be separate.

Extend the "flank" season

  • Times when the Reservoir is less busy due to the weather and is adjacent to our busy summer season is called the "flank season." The flank season window, when entrance fees are discounted, has been extended to include the entire months of April and September.

Quantity and cost for small craft permits

  • In 2023 we added an additional 500 weekday permits for a total of 1,500 weekday permits and 1,700 season permits, for a total of 3,200 permits.
  • We increased the cost of all watercraft permits.

Watercraft storage costs

  • Increased the cost of watercraft storage fees in 2023 and adjust them annually until they're 2/3 of the market average.

Encourage sustainability

  • Gate fees will continue to be discounted by 25% for customers that arrive by foot, non-motorized vehicle, or have three or more people in a car during the high season.
  • Continue work on South Shore trail enhancements.

No motor zone along western border

  • The entire western border will change to a “no motor” zone. View boating map. Motorboats with propellers may not enter this area, including Dream Cove. The Dream Cove dock will be moved east to better utilize this dock.

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