City of Boulder partners with Repeater to offer local businesses and diners zero-waste dining

Did you know that Boulder residents generate an average of nearly three pounds of waste each day, with more than one pound of that waste headed directly to the landfill?

The City of Boulder has set a goal of recycling, composting and reusing 85% of its waste by 2025; in 2020, 53% of citywide waste was diverted from the landfill.

As part of this zero-waste commitment and to keep takeout containers out of the landfill, too, the city has teamed up with Repeater to offer a sustainable alternative: reusable takeout containers.

Through the Repeater program, local Boulder diners can participate in zero-waste dining in three easy steps:

  • Download the Repeater app, place an order for pickup or delivery at a participating Repeater restaurant, and request Repeater reusables.
  • Receive your food in reusable containers.
  • Return your empty reusables to Repeater to be sanitized and reused. Diners can drop off empty containers at a variety of return bin locations around town or arrange to have them picked up from their home.

“We invite all Boulder-area restaurants to consider joining the Repeater program,” said Senior Sustainability Coordinator Emily Freeman. “Not only is Repeater a great way to reduce takeout waste, but it can also help restaurants reduce their bottom line by minimizing the costs associated with single-use containers.”

Boulder restaurants interested in participating in the Repeater program should contact Emily Freeman at or call 303-441-1940.

Learn more about City of Boulder’s Zero Waste Diversion program, and how you can participate in the Repeater program.