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Announcing Public-Private Partnership With Boulder Open Space Conservancy

Partnership with independent nonprofit will help preserve and improve on Boulder’s long legacy of open space conservation

The City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department is developing a public-private partnership with a new, independent nonprofit organization to enhance community open space services and to help preserve and improve on Boulder’s long legacy of open space conservation.

Through the planned public-private partnership, the Boulder Open Space Conservancy (BOSC) will provide philanthropic, value-added funding to develop services beyond what the department currently provides to help community members and visitors connect with city open space. The nonprofit, which was created through the initiative of community members who value Boulder open space, also will leverage community support to provide additional opportunities for residents to help OSMP address emerging trends, such as climate change and resilience.

OSMP anticipates establishing specific departmental focus areas that the BOSC will concentrate on through a memorandum of understanding in 2018. Initial focus areas may include youth engagement programs, connecting the community to local food, and exploring the possibility of a staff-based institute promoting research and developing open space best practices. As an independent nonprofit, BOSC appoints its own board of directors and manages its own budget and operations. The BOSC board of directors are: Diane Murphy, chair; Eric Washburn, vice chair; Bob Koenig, treasurer; Joel Koenig, secretary; and Mark Retzloff, board member.

“Boulder Open Space Conservancy is founded in the belief that these beautiful lands are our shared legacy and our shared responsibility. We believe in the importance of connecting people to the land, and, through that connection, creating a community commitment that will work to preserve it for future generations,” said Diane Murphy, BOSC chair. “Together with OSMP, residents and visitors, we will work to continue Boulder’s proud legacy of open space conservation and ensure that Boulder’s greatest asset – open space – will continue to thrive through community stewardship and investment.”

OSMP staff is working with the BOSC as part of city efforts to leverage public-private partnerships to enhance community building and program sustainability, and to develop programs and projects contributing to the health and well-being of a broader segment of the community. OSMP staff has informed the Open Space Board of Trustees and the Boulder City Council of the proposed public-private partnership with BOSC. In June, the City of Boulder signed a letter of intent for the public-private partnership.

“We so appreciate this effort initiated by community members who cherish Boulder open space and their deep passion to help our community support and connect with their remarkable public land system,” said Tracy Winfree, director of OSMP. “This partnership will help us leverage community support to create new opportunities for community members and our visitors to enjoy and protect their open space.”

About City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks:
The City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department preserves and protects the natural environment and land resources that characterize the city’s 45,630 acres of open space. OSMP fosters appreciation and use that sustain the natural values of the land for current and future generations. Learn more at

About the Boulder Open Space Conservancy:
The Boulder Open Space Conservancy (BOSC) is an independent nonprofit organization that will leverage public resources with private philanthropy to protect, enhance, and preserve Boulder’s natural legacy of open space and mountain parks for all our residents and visitors, and for current and future generations. Learn more at

Published: Nov. 15, 2017 

Media Contacts:
Phillip Yates, Open Space and Mountain Parks, 720-564-2051
Diane Murphy, Boulder Open Space Conservancy, 917-683-8180
Ben Irwin, Media Relations, 303-441-3155

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