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Boulder City Council Today Issued a Statement Condemning the Death of George Floyd and Supporting Peaceful Demonstrations

Boulder City Council today issued a statement condemning the death of George Floyd and supporting peaceful demonstrations

Like so many community members, we have watched the video of George Floyd’s death during an encounter with police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We heard his cries for help, which went unheeded by the police officer who kept his knee pressed firmly on Mr. Floyd’s neck and other officers who simply stood by. And our hearts broke. This death – and the many that have come before it – cannot be in vain.

It is our duty to confront the systemic and institutional racism that has brought us to this point, and the criminal justice system needs to take a stand against officers who use excessive force. We have a responsibility to protect and promote the rights of black and brown people in our community. Their lives are important, and their safety is intricately connected to the well-being of our entire community. We, as Boulder City Council, stand with Mr. Floyd’s family and all who are suffering.

We understand that community members plan to protest tonight and this weekend. We encourage and support peaceful demonstrations. We also recognize that the best response goes beyond words and displays of solidarity. As a council, we have committed to working toward advancing racial equity in our community, and we pledge to continue to take positive actions in all our areas of influence, including Boulder’s policing practices. We are united in this promise.

Published: Friday, May 29, 2020

Media Contact:

Shannon Aulabaugh, Media Relations, 720-484-9903