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Boulder Lifeguards Save Unconscious Swimmer

​Swift response, CPR and AED helped revive swimmer

The City of Boulder would like to honor lifeguards Emily Givens and Mike Liegey for their efforts to aid an unconscious swimmer -- which likely saved his life.

On Sept. 14, the Spruce Pool lifeguards responded to the aid of an older adult patron who suffered a major medical complication while swimming laps and was rescued from the pool unconscious. Reacting immediately, Emily and Mike activated the pool emergency action plan, administered oxygen, conducted CPR, and utilized an AED to deliver the shocks which ultimately revived him.  

For those unaware, every minute that passes in response to an emergency of this nature decreases the chances of survival dramatically. The quick response Emily and Mike made called upon their training, utilized available and carefully chosen rescue tools, and maintained their composure throughout speaks volumes about the excellence of these lifeguards, the preparedness and vigilance of the entire Aquatics team, and the outcome of this event.  

Please join us in sharing our thanks for the exceptional efforts put forward by Emily and Mike on Thursday, and our appreciation for the Aquatics & Outdoor Pool teams that protect our community every day, and are so rarely recognized.  

Emily and Mike demonstrated a culmination of the city’s employee values (Customer Service, Respect, Integrity), but they also illustrated the importance of their training as a result of a collaboration between Boulder Parks and Recreation (BPR), which manages pools, and the Boulder Fire Department.

For the past two years, the fire department has provided scenario-based training to all BPR lifeguards. Earlier this year in June, all full-time/seasonal lifeguards, no matter their assignment location, were provided two days of training. The goal is to remove the “fear factor” and provide skills to identify emergency situations quickly and how to react (when to do CPR, which board to use, etc.). 

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