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City Installing New Photo Red-Light Camera at Diagonal Highway and 47th Street Intersection

The City of Boulder is installing a new red-light photo enforcement camera at the intersection of Diagonal Highway and 47th Street.

The red-light camera will monitor eastbound through-traffic. The camera will be operational beginning Dec. 15.

Running red lights is one of the most common causes of traffic crashes in Boulder. The intersections where the city has posted red light cameras have seen a sharp drop in violations since the program first started in 1998 and a 70% decrease in the annual number of collisions caused by running red lights. As a result, the City of Boulder’s Vision Zero action plan calls for expanding their use; the plan supports the goal of eliminating fatalities and serious injuries from crashes. 

A ticket from a red-light camera is a valid traffic ticket, just as if it were issued by a police officer. Learn more about photo enforcement in the City of Boulder and common misconceptions about red-light cameras.

Media Contacts:
Samantha Glavin, Media Relations, 720-667-9480
Jo Vann, Photo Enforcement Supervisor, 303-441-3475

Published Dec. 10, 2020