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City of Boulder Launches Boulder Direct Democracy Online With a Preview

Boulder Direct Democracy Online (BDDO) is now available for endorsing municipal (non-charter) initiatives, recalls and referendums electronically.

The online petition system will be accessible on the city’s website as soon as an approved petition becomes available.

A recently implemented City Manager Rule for the Implementation of Online Petitions allows Petition Committee Groups to circulate their petition online, with paper or both. It is important to note that while both online and paper petitions can be circulated simultaneously, only one can be submitted for certification.

Community members must be eligible to vote in the City of Boulder to endorse a petition. An additional requirement to use the online petition system is an active phone number on your voter registration. The security of the system relies on multi-factor authentication, which requires a phone number on voter registration to verify identity. 

While there are currently no active petitions circulating in the City of Boulder community members can get ready now by verifying their voter registration is current and includes an active phone number by visiting. Please allow two to four days for the State of Colorado to process any updates before trying to login to BDDO.

If you do not wish for your phone number to be stored in your voter registration files, you could set up a free online phone number for SMS texting. Another option is to add your phone number to your voter registration record, endorse a petition and then remove your phone number from your voter registration files.

Petitions are used to gather endorsements from City of Boulder registered voters.  If enough endorsements are obtained and a petition is certified sufficient, City Council has two options: either adopt the proposed ordinance and add it to the City Code or place on an upcoming ballot as a citizen initiative for voters to consider.

A preview of the system is available starting today at . This preview will allow petitioners to get comfortable with the new system. It will also be valuable to the city and the vendor as a test. Because this is a new system, the city anticipates there will be some fixes that need to occur. The preview will be taken down when a petition is approved for online endorsement.

The BDDO is available utilizing most browsers including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, as well as from iPhone and Android phones.  It is not available through Microsoft Internet Explorer as this browser is no longer supported by Microsoft. 

All active online petitions will display their endorsement counts online. Voters will notice a slight delay before the counter indicates that the endorsement has been received. Soon, total endorsement counts for each petition will be updated within seconds of an endorsement being made. Voters can check to see if the endorsement has been effective by clicking on “Petition Voter Information” to see a list of endorsers. 

Learn more and access the new online platform at

Media Contact:  
Shannon Aulabaugh, Media Relations, 720- 484-9903 

Published Jan. 22, 2021