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City of Boulder November 2019 Election Results

A look at unofficial election results, as they stand now, for City of Boulder ballot measures and council seats

The following are unofficial results for the Nov. 5, 2019, election for City Council and City of Boulder ballot measures. These results are current as of 7:52 p.m. on Nov. 6, 2019. For the most up-to-date results, visit Boulder County Elections. Additional ballots are expected to be counted by the county.

Ballot Measures

Ballot Measure: 2G - Tax on Tobacco Vaping Products

Yes: 79.73%

No: 20.27%

Ballot Measure: 2I - Middle-Income Housing Program

Yes: 69.29%

No: 30.71%

Ballot Measure: 2H - Sales and Use Tax Extension for Open Space and Long’s Gardens

Yes: 85.87%

No: 14.13%

City Council

Six seats were up for election for Boulder City Council. The four candidates receiving the highest number of votes will receive four-year terms. The candidate receiving the fifth highest number of votes will receive the standard two-year term. The candidate receiving the sixth highest number of votes will receive a two-year term to fill former council member Jill Grano’s vacant seat.

Aaron Brockett: 9.35%

Andy Celani: 1.44%

Paul Cure: 2.39%

Brian Dolan: 6.42%

Benita Duran: 6.85%

Rachel Friend: 10.21%

Junie Joseph: 10.26%

Corina Julca: 6.53%

Nikki McCord: 2.48%

Mark McIntyre: 8.00%

Gala Wilhelmina Orba: 1.08%

Susan Peterson: 7.67%

Adam Swetlik: 8.55%

Mark Wallach: 8.40%

Bob Yates: 10.37%