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City Releases 2020 Transportation Report on Progress

The City of Boulder has published its 2020 Transportation Report on Progress, which measures whether the city is on track to meet community transportation goals in eight key areas related to creating a safe, sustainable and multimodal transportation system.

The 2020 report found that the city has made significant progress in some areas, such as expanding bicycle and pedestrian networks and accessibility and maintaining efficient travel times. In other areas, the city is not on track to meet its targets, including its 2030 goals to reduce single-occupant vehicle trips by residents and commuters; eliminate serious injury and fatal traffic crashes; and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The report identified funding shortfalls, including underfunded regional transit, as key challenges to achieving these goals. The findings also underline the need to closely integrate land use planning and development with sustainable transportation initiatives.

“Since we first adopted these goals, we’ve made significant progress on our transportation system despite experiencing population growth. We’ve enhanced our infrastructure and services, making it easier to walk or bike instead of drive, and helped our neighborhoods become more walkable,” said Transportation and Mobility Department Director Erika Vandenbrande. “However, we have more work to do. Funding challenges as well as the affordability of housing in Boulder have implications for our ability to make progress, as people are traveling into Boulder from farther and farther away to access jobs. We are working in 2021 to identify innovative ways to respond to these challenges along with related impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Transportation and Mobility Department is pursuing federal, state and regional funding opportunities and partnerships in 2021. It is also implementing a number of projects this year that will help further improve safety and mobility, including the North Broadway Reconstruction Project, 30th and Colorado Bicycle and Pedestrian Underpass, and the Vision Zero Innovation Program.

The Transportation Report on Progress is published every two years. More information about the Transportation Report on Progress can be found on the city website.

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Publishec: Feb. 1, 2021