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East Arapahoe Community Working Group Reaches a Consensus on Recommended Alternative

Looking out to 2040, the vision will lead to multimodal improvements for the East Arapahoe transportation corridor

The Community Working Group for the East Arapahoe Transportation Plan released a statement of findings today expressing support for the recommended vision for the corridor. The group first met in spring 2016. Ten meetings and countless hours of discussion and analysis later, this group of 15 residents has reached a consensus on an alternative that will maintain two general travel lanes throughout most of the corridor, while also enhancing multimodal options, improving travel times for all users and ultimately moving more people through the corridor. The general public has also provided feedback through five public workshops and open houses, as well as online.

The East Arapahoe vision looks out to 2040 and plans for changes in population and transportation needs. “Based on the data and what we’ve learned about each alternative analyzed through the planning process, we believe this vision best meets the plan’s goals and benefits the most people,” the Community Working Group’s statement reads.

“Importantly, this local plan is supportive of and consistent with regional plans for SH 7 between Boulder and Brighton, which call for high quality-high frequency BRT, a regional bikeway, pedestrian improvements and fi­rst and ­final mile supportive infrastructure.”

The next step for the project is for city staff to get feedback from the Transportation Advisory Board on March 12 and from City Council, currently scheduled for May 15.

If the recommended vision is accepted, city staff will next put together an implementation, phasing and funding plan.

“Setting the vision for the East Arapahoe corridor is the first step in a multi-year journey,” said Jean Sanson, the city transportation planner leading this phase of the project. “Implementing the vision and advancing regional mobility improvements will be a long-term project for the City of Boulder and key local and regional partners. Future phases of design development will involve ongoing community outreach and engagement.”

“We are greatly appreciative of all the time the Community Working Group and other members of the public have put into this project. It’s been a big time commitment, but we couldn’t have gotten to this point without this engagement,” Sanson said.

For more information on the project and to read the full statement from the Community Working Group, please visit .

Published: Feb. 16, 2018

Media Contacts:
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