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Open Space Art Runs Through Sept. 10

More than 90 pieces of nature-inspired art created by community to be on display

The City of Boulder’s open space, which has some of the most diverse natural areas in the western United States, has long inspired the imagination of generations of artists. On Aug. 5, the City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department and the Boulder Public Library will kick off a community art exhibition inspired by the city’s open space.

With more than 90 pieces of art from community members of all ages and abilities, the City of Boulder’s “Art Inspired by the Land” art show celebrates the public’s exploration of our shared open space. The upcoming art show will include paintings, photography, sculptures, textiles and more, along with an immersive canyon art installation created by Studio TJOA, a local architecture firm.

“When we experience nature, we often experience feelings that inspire us to create,” said Juanita Echeverri, an OSMP education and outreach coordinator who manages the department’s arts program. “This art show celebration provides community members an opportunity to share their creative exploration of city open space, and to tell their story of how they value and connect with our shared land.”

“Art Inspired by the Land” artwork will be on display throughout the Main Boulder Public Library, 1001 Arapahoe Ave., from Saturday, Aug. 5, through Sunday, Sept. 10. As part of OSMP’s work to foster the public’s artistic exploration of city open space, the department also will be offering other art-related community events. Information about these events is available at

For more information about the “Art Inspired by the Land” art show or to learn more about City of Boulder open space, please visit or contact the department at 303-441-3440. For hours, locations, and other information about Boulder Public Library, please visit

Can't Make it to "Art Inspired by the Land"? Watch our video

Exhibiting Artists

Alice Renouf; Amelia Furman; Ana Maria Botero; Anne Gifford; Arturo Garica; Astrid Paustian; Berit Naeseth; Bob Wing; Brian Hooker; Cara Luneau; Carol Watkins; Carolanne McKIrnan; Cheryl Whitehall; Christine Jarvis; Clare Futral; Claudia Naeseth; Craig Hazelton; Damaris Methner; Dan Baumbach; David Hawley; David Mikelsons; Dottie Oatman; Ed Gauss; Elizabeth Berger; Ellen Orleans; Ellen Steiner; Erin Robertson; Evan Cantor; Flor Amaya; Gabrielle Hatton; Gail Edwards; Gwen Thelen; Jack Sasson; Jacque Michelle Malick; Jan Kirkpatrick; Jane Larson; Jean Delaney; Jeannie DeMarinis; Jeff Regier; Jennifer Lord; Joanie Wiesman; John Adams; Josie Varga; Joyce Harris; Julie Rodrigues; Juliette Nelson; Katie Bullock; Kevin Morningstar; Kimball Barnard; Kyonggeun Johnson; Leslie Brown; Leslie Lea; Lindsay Jane Ternes; Lindsay Schumacher; Lisa Michot; Liz Janson Balzer; Lydia Pottoff; Margaret Donharl; Margie Robinson; Marianne Martin; Marjorie Leggitt; Marlaina Rosen; Martin Tobias; Mary Balzer; Mary Fulton; Mary Webber; Maureen Lawry; Molly Davis; Nancy McCurry; Nancy Sullo; Neal Pierman; Paul Norton; Paula Osborn; Rebecca Bates; Reed James; Ricardo Nanton; Rich Wolf; River Freeston; Roberta Walbert; Rodney Swanstrom; Ru Wing; Sharon Diehl; Steven Homsher; Teri Hoyer; Thomas Olinger; Tom Schwartz; Toria Clark; and Wira Babiak.

Artwork Samples

Artist: Lindsay Schumacher 

Artist: Cheryl Whitehall

Artist: Ana Maria Botero


Published Aug. 1, 2017

Media Contacts:
Phillip Yates, Open Space and Mountain Parks, 720-564-2051
Sarah Huntley, Media Relations, 303-441-3155