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RSS Feeds From the City of Boulder

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS feeds give you the ability to be notified when website content has been updated. You will receive the latest headlines inside a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader. News feeds are also referred to as RSS.

How Do I Use RSS?

You need a news reader to subscribe to a RSS feed. A news reader is a piece of software that checks for the latest information from a Web site for you. There are many different types of news readers available. Some news readers can be installed in your web browser while others are software applications. A variety of file types can be made available through a feed. These include audio broadcasts and text files.

What Is An Audio Broadcast?

An audio broadcast is one or more audio files distributed over the Internet. These broadcasts typically use RSS to notify subscribers when a new audio file is available for download.

How Do I Get A News Reader?

You can download a news reader from various Web sites. Many of the popular Web browsers have an extension or add on capable of displaying RSS feeds so check your favorite browser's website. You can find RSS reader software by doing an internet search for "news reader" or "rss reader." If you need an RSS reader that can handle audio for listening to audio broadcasts, search the Internet for "podcast software." Then choose the best option for your computer and operating system. Many RSS readers are free but purchased software is also available.

How Do I Subscribe to an RSS Feed?

In order to subscribe to an RSS feed you will need to launch your news reader software. Once launched create a new feed and copy and paste the URL from the chosen link(s) below into the feed URL address. Save the feed and you should then receive updates via your news reader software as the feed is updated. Please note that in order to receive updates you will have to open the news reader software. Many of the available news reader programs give you the option to continue to run so they can continually check for updates. This ability and how to configure it depends on the news reader software you are using.

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