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Stay on Trail and Walk Through Mud. if Needed, Step Off to Maintain Physical Distance

The City of Boulder and Boulder County continue to remind community members to stay on open space trails and walk through mud as increasing visitation and off-trail traffic around muddy areas is leading to increased path widening and plant damage.

If visitors need to maintain physical distance on narrow trails, the city and the county request community members follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid stepping on vegetation. If possible, step onto a rock or a bare spot to let others pass, then step back on the trail.
  • Politely announce yourself if you need to pass others.
  • If no one else is around, “get muddy” and stay on muddy trails. Traveling off trail, whether hiking, running or biking, can permanently damage vegetation and widen trails.

In recent days, both city and county open space rangers have seen increased instances of anger from visitors. Please support and protect rangers by following all rules and regulations, giving them 6 feet of physical distance and recognizing the challenges they and other first responders are facing during this challenging time.

City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks and Boulder County Parks & Open Space are coordinating open space management efforts, including trail and trailhead closures. Both agencies have seen increased illegal parking and crowding in several areas, along with natural resource damage resulting from off-trail use. If this continues, open space trail closures may need to be considered.

City and county open space rangers as well as city parking officers will continue to increase enforcement to address illegal parking and crowding. If it’s essential to recreate, stay as close to home as possible and avoid unnecessary travel. If community members encounter a full or crowded area, they should move on to another area. Open space visitors should also:

  • Know before you go. Check Boulder County’s and the city’s interactive trail map to check the latest trail status for muddy conditions closures.
  • Remember to keep the “space” in open space. Maintain 6 feet of physical distance from people not in your household.
  • All visitors should wear face coverings, including hikers, trail runners, and bikers.
  • Pick up after their dogs and remove their trash.

Published: April 21, 2020

Media Contacts:

Phillip Yates, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, 303-349-2438
Vivienne Jannatpour, Boulder County Parks & Open Space, 303-678-6277