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The City of Boulder welcomes your feedback. Use our Inquire Boulder customer service tool to tell us what’s on your mind.

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Open Data Engagement Portal

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Welcome to the City of Boulder’s Open Data Engagement Portal. Treat this as your one-stop shop for exploring all the different ways you can use and interact with public data in Boulder, Colorado. 

There are many ways to engage with the Open Data Catalog and other City of Boulder data. Click on an icon associated with a specific question or statement below, or view the answers for additional linked resources.


Q : I want to see what data topics you have published and look at the data files myself for trends and inspiration.

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A : You can start with our Open Data Catalog grouped by topic and department, browse through our full catalog of datasets, or search by keyword

Q : I want ideas for how to use the city’s data.

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A : Visit our Areas of Inquiry webpage to explore possible uses and questions for our datasets

Q : I want to see examples of City data that is already analyzed and presented for public consumption.

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A : Visit any of these City websites for examples of existing data visualizations:

Q : I know what dataset I want to use, but I don’t know the best way to examine the data.

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A : All of our datasets are in machine-readable format, primarily CSV and shapefiles. Most have accompanying data dictionaries so you can make sense of the data. Download your data and use an analysis or visualization tool of your choice to help identify insights.

Q : I know what dataset I want to use, but I have a specific question about the dataset or topic area.

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A : Ask us a question! Please include information about the dataset you are inquiring about and specific URL(s) when possible.

Q : I’m looking for a specific dataset and I don’t believe you have data in the Catalog on this topic yet.

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A : We are constantly reviewing and adding new datasets to the Catalog, so it’s possible we haven’t created the dataset yet. You can suggest datasets for us to add to the Catalog and we will let you know if the request is possible.

It’s also possible the City of Boulder doesn’t collect your specific data topic (e.g. Boulder County Open Data owns the data you’re looking for). We will try to direct you to the right jurisdiction if we don’t own the data.