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Open Data Catalog

Welcome to Boulder's Open Data Catalog. The purpose of Boulder Open Data Catalog is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the City of Boulder. We invite you to actively participate in shaping the future of Boulder's Open Data Catalog by contacting us to suggest additional datasets or building and submitting applications with the available data.

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Community Drone Use Case Survey Results

Last updated 05/06/2019

This dataset shows the results of a survey the City of Boulder conducted with members of the community in order to understand perceptions of different municipal uses of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or drones.…

Tags: UAS UAV drones survey unmanned aircrafts

Conceptual Design for Broadband Fiber Backbone

Last updated 03/25/2020

On June 12th, City Council unanimously passed a motion to proceed with development of a fiber backbone in support of the city’s broadband efforts. While the backbone will not immediately result in gigabit…

Tags: broadband connectboulder fiber gis internet wi-fi wifi wireless

ConnectBoulder Wi-Fi Coverage

Last updated 05/06/2019

Shows the areas and city buildings covered by ConnectBoulder public Wi-Fi. Also includes the number of public wireless access points (WAPS) per building location.

For information on usage of ConnectBoulder…

Tags: boulder measures broadband connect boulder connectboulder gis internet wi-fi wifi wireless

ConnectBoulder Wi-Fi Usage

Last updated 05/06/2019

Shows ConnectBoulder public Wi-Fi usage for every public Wi-Fi session, broken down by day and location. This dataset is split into 2 files due to large file sizes; all WiFi usage data older than 30 days…

Tags: boulder measures broadband connect boulder connectboulder internet wi-fi wifi wireless

Emails to Boulder City Council

Last updated 01/06/2020

This dataset contains emails sent by community members to City Council as well as staff and council responses to those emails.

Note: All emails to [email protected] are public record. Emails…

Tags: city council correspondence council email

Inquire Boulder FAQ Usage

Last updated 01/24/2020

The City of Boulder FAQ usage data consists of annual summaries that give an overview of what information the public accesses on Inquire Boulder.

Tags: 311 boulder measures crm faq

Inquire Boulder Requests by Topic

Last updated 01/24/2020

The City of Boulder Requests By Topic data includes information on every request visitors have submitted through Inquire Boulder. Inquire Boulder ( is a virtual city information…

Tags: 311 boulder measures crm requests service requests

Open Data Catalog Datasets

Last updated 05/05/2020

Shows all open datasets published on the City of Boulder Open Data Catalog. This dataset contains supporting information on all Open Data Catalog published datasets, including title, URL, date added, City…

Tags: boulder measures catalog data dataset open data transparency

Resident Mobility Survey

Last updated 03/25/2020

This dataset contains questionnaire data captured from 203 City of Boulder residents in April 2018 regarding how they travel throughout the city. Data was used for the city's work on its Bloomberg Philanthropies…

Tags: EV car electric vehicle engagement hybrid mobility resilience sustainability transportation vehicle

Website Traffic

Last updated 05/05/2020

A series of datasets related to website traffic for The datasets include: