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Each row in this dataset represents a client's unique application for the food tax rebate program from 2015 to 2018.

Each year, the City of Boulder provides rebates to help compensate residents with lower incomes for the city sales tax they pay on food.

To be eligible to receive a refund, applicants must meet financial eligibility guidelines, have been a resident of Boulder for the entire prior year, and be:

  • age 62 or over for the entire prior calendar year; or
  • a person with a disability; or
  • a family with children under 18 years of age in the household for the entire prior calendar year

For more information about the Food Tax Rebate Program, including income eligibility guidelines and information on how to apply, please visit:

Data and Resources

Format Title and Description
Food Tax Rebate Dataset - Live View

Food Tax Rebate Dataset - Live View

Dataset containing information about the food tax rebate program.

Food Tax Rebate Data Dictionary

Food Tax Rebate Data Dictionary

Definitions of the fields in the Food Tax Rebate dataset.

Areas of Inquiry

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How much has the city returned to residents in the form of food tax rebates over the past three years? What zip codes contain the largest recipients of Food Tax Rebates? How has the rebate changed over time for individuals or families?


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