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Open Data Catalog

Welcome to Boulder's Open Data Catalog. The purpose of Boulder Open Data Catalog is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the City of Boulder. We invite you to actively participate in shaping the future of Boulder's Open Data Catalog by contacting us to suggest additional datasets or building and submitting applications with the available data.

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City Limits

Last updated 02/08/2018

City of Boulder - city limits . Source – created from city parcel data layer

Tags: administrative-boundaries geography gis

Columbia Cemetery

Last updated 10/23/2017

Historic Columbia Cemetery interactive map and burial index.

Tags: application cemetery city-maps

Community Assessment Survey Results

Last updated 01/24/2018

The City of Boulder has conducted a survey through a consultant group that explored the community’s perceptions about whether Boulder is a safe and welcoming community. The result is a 35-page report, available as part of an Information Packet shared with Boulder City Council on Thursday, May 18, 2017. The 35-page report can be accessed at: These are the raw results. Across the City of Boulder's Open Data Catalog we have a number of datasets that are in the form of a community survey. The city conducts a great deal of outreach through surveys, in some cases these surveys gather similar information though the questions are raised to different members of the community, at different periods of time and with different intended outcomes.

Tags: community community engagement inclusive safe survey welcoming

Connect Boulder WiFi Coverage

Last updated 01/24/2018

Shows the areas and city buildings covered by Connect Boulder public WiFi.

Tags: connectboulder internet wi-fi wifi wireless

Connect Boulder WiFi Usage

Last updated 02/23/2018

Shows ConnectBoulder public WiFi usage for every public WiFi session, broken down by day and location. This dataset is split into 2 files due to large file sizes; all WiFi usage data older than 30 days is saved in the 'Historic' zipped file. Please note that a few days of public WiFi usage data are missing in these datasets due to one-time issues with data reformatting. In the main 'Public WiFi Usage' file, usage data from 10/26/2017-11/2/2017 is missing, and in the zipped 'Historic Public WiFi Usage' file, usage data from 10/19/2017-10/21/2017 is missing.

Tags: connectboulder internet wi-fi wifi wireless

Construction Permits

Last updated 02/01/2018

City construction permits may include any combination of Building, Electrical, Elevator, Fire, Mechanical, Plumbing, Antenna, Awning, Demolition, Fence, Grading, Mobile Home, Moving, Photovoltaic, Right-of-Way, Roofing, Siding, Sign, Sitework, Temporary Event, Water, Wastewater, Floodplain, Wetland, or Woodstove permit types. Source – Planning & Development Services

Consulting Services Actual Expenditures

Last updated 12/28/2017

This dataset includes data related to the City’s expenditures on consulting services. The report is generated for expenses that are posted to one of the city’s consulting services objects. This is category 650. The file contains information from 2015 through the date when the report was run including expenditures on consulting services by fund, department, org, object, date, vendor, amount, invoice number. PLEASE NOTE: Information regarding legal consultation has been removed from this dataset and is not included in the published information.

Tags: consulting expenditures finance

Creeks and Ditches

Last updated 02/08/2018

Creeks, irrigation ditches and irrigation laterals. Source - digitized from aerial photography.

Tags: creek ditch gis hydrology river stream water

Crime Locations

Last updated 02/23/2018

This dataset contains crime location data for the City of Boulder. Please note that crimes may be reclassified, unfounded or relocated during the course of an investigation.

Tags: crime criminal activity gis offenses police target crimes

Development Review Cases - Closed

Last updated 02/23/2018

Polygons showing closed development review cases for the City of Boulder.

Tags: administrative building closed development gis historic land permit planning preservation review technical use

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