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Open Data Catalog

Welcome to Boulder's Open Data Catalog. The purpose of Boulder Open Data Catalog is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the City of Boulder. We invite you to actively participate in shaping the future of Boulder's Open Data Catalog by contacting us to suggest additional datasets or building and submitting applications with the available data.

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OSMP Wildlife Closures

Last updated 07/27/2018

Seasonal wildlife closures on Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) properties. Dates of closures vary by type of closure – Raptor, Eagle, Grassland Bird, Bat. Visit for more…

Tags: bats birds eagles geography gis open space open space and mountain parks osmp raptors wildlife

Open Data Catalog Datasets

Last updated 09/06/2018

Shows all open datasets published on the City of Boulder Open Data Catalog. This dataset contains supporting information on all Open Data Catalog published datasets, including title, URL, date added, City…

Tags: boulder measures catalog data dataset open data transparency

Open Data Downloads

Last updated 09/13/2018

This dataset shows the title for each dataset currently published on the City of Boulder Open Data Catalog and the number of times it was downloaded during the time period. Due to changes in the way the…

Tags: analytics boulder measures dataset download files open data popular

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Last updated 07/27/2018

City of Boulder public outdoor swimming pools

Tags: outdoor pool parks public pool rec recreation swimming swimming pools water

Ownership Parcels

Last updated 07/27/2018

Parcels – Ownership parcels within the city limits and utility service areas with address – Source – Quarter Section maps digitized and then rectified to aerial photography.

Tags: gis parcels

Parent Engagement Events

Last updated 07/27/2018

This dataset contains summary information about each of the Human Services Department's parent engagement workshops provided by the Family Resource Schools (FRS) program. Data includes workshop name, date,…

Tags: child children columbine creekside crest view education engagement family parent school spanish university whittier workshop

Parks and Recreation Activities

Last updated 07/27/2018

This dataset shows information on activities as part of the City of Boulder's Parks and Recreation Program. It includes data on activity name, number, start and end date, time and days of week, enrollment…

Tags: activity center children classes fitness gymnastics parks pools program rec recreation sports swimming pool teen youth

Parks and Recreation Event Reservations

Last updated 07/27/2018

This dataset shows information on event reservations as part of the City of Boulder's Parks and Recreation Program. Includes data on reservation date, day of week, time, facility type and location, and…

Tags: activity booking center children event facility fitness parks pools program rec reservations sports

Permanently Affordable Rental Property Locations

Last updated 07/24/2018

The dataset provides information on the location and websites for permanently affordable rental properties within Boulder city limits.

Note: current dataset includes addresses in CSV file. Additional…

Tags: affordable housing boulder measures housing locations rental rental housing


Last updated 07/27/2018

Playgrounds maintained by the City of Boulder Department of Parks and Recreation and publicly accessible.

Tags: kids play playgrounds

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