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Open Data Catalog

Welcome to Boulder's Open Data Catalog. The purpose of Boulder Open Data Catalog is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the City of Boulder. We invite you to actively participate in shaping the future of Boulder's Open Data Catalog by contacting us to suggest additional datasets or building and submitting applications with the available data.

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Outdoor Swimming Pools

Last updated 03/13/2017

City of Boulder public outdoor swimming pools

Tags: outdoor pool parks public pool rec recreation swimming swimming pools water

Ownership Parcels

Last updated 03/13/2017

Parcels – Ownership parcels within the city limits and utility service areas with address – Source – Quarter Section maps digitized and then rectified to aerial photography.

Tags: gis parcels


Last updated 03/13/2017

City of Boulder publicly accessible playgrounds.

Tags: kids play playgrounds

Public Land Survey System

Last updated 03/13/2017

Rectangular Survey System, township, range, section, quarter section and city grid designation, Source - digitized data

Tags: geography gis public-lands survey

Public Trees

Last updated 03/13/2017

Public Trees managed by the Urban Forestry Division of the Department of Parks and Recreation, City of Boulder. The provided tree data does not include trees on Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) land. City ordinances prohibit the picking of fruit on trees located on OSMP property.

Tags: Boulder Forestry Public Trees Urban

Rental Housing

Last updated 12/21/2016

Includes the ability to search for rental properties that have a current rental property license.

Tags: application buildings gis licenses rental-property

September 2013 Flood Extents

Last updated 03/13/2017

Extent of flood waters during the September 2013 Flood event.

Tags: flood flooding gis

Street Centerlines

Last updated 03/13/2017

Streets and alley centerlines - Source – digitized from aerial photography

Tags: centerline gis streets transportation


Last updated 03/13/2017

City's designated subcommunities, Source - City Planning Department

Tags: administrative-boundaries community planning-and-zoning subcommunities


Last updated 03/13/2017

Polygon boundaries of subdivisions in the City of Boulder.

Tags: boundaries gis planning subdivision subdivisions

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