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Agricultural Leasing

OSMP is planning to lease six properties to local farmers and ranchers. Information can be found below:

All submitting a proposal for an agricultural lease on a parcel must attend the corresponding mandatory pre-proposal meeting for that parcel.  Meeting dates and proposal deadlines are summarized below:

Property Pre-Proposal Meeting Location Pre-Proposal Meeting Time Proposal Due
Aweida, Swartz, and IBM OSMP Annex 7315 Red Deer Dr 9 a.m. January 26 2 p.m. February 16
Bixler & Eddy Bixler & Eddy Property 1 p.m. January 26 2 p.m. February 16
ERTL ERTL Property 9 a.m. January 29 2 p.m. February 19
Hunter Kolb & Kolb Brothers Hunter Kolb & Kolb Brothers Property 1 p.m. January 29 2 p.m. February 19

If you have an interest in leasing OSMP agricultural land, please fill in the form below. When property becomes available, we will notify you by e-mail. Properties are assigned to new tenants through a competitive bid process. Bids are evaluated on their feasibility, compatibility with OSMP management goals, the bidder’s ability and experience, and the bid amount. Preference will be given to operations that produce and sell food locally.   

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