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Cliff-Nesting Raptor Closures Feb. 1 - July 31

Photo of Peregrine Falcon

Thanks to OSMP visitors and volunteers for supporting these closures and the cliff-nesting raptor program!

Third Flatiron Update

Please note - The Third Flatiron closure will be extended beyond the normal lifting date, Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018. An OSMP volunteer raptor monitor recently discovered that an injured female peregrine falcon on the Third Flatiron was displaced by another female – which led to a delayed but successful courtship cycle between the resident male peregrine falcon and the new female. While peregrine fledglings normally leave their nests in late July, OSMP anticipates that two peregrine falcon nestlings will need additional time to mature and is extending the existing wildlife closure to protect them from disturbance.

OSMP staff and volunteers will continue to monitor this nest and will lift the closure when the fledglings are able to leave the nest area. OSMP anticipates the Third Flatiron raptor closure could remain in place until Aug. 15.

Third Flatiron, including the Queen Anne’s Head, W.C Fields Pinnacle, 1911 Gully and the Ghetto, the East Bench & West Bench, the East & West Ironing Boards, The Fin, Green Thumb and Jaws.

The following areas (listed north to south) are closed from Feb. 1 - July 31 to protect cliff nesting raptors:

Raptor closures that have been lifted before July 31 can be found on the Inactive Raptor Closures page.

For 31 years, more than 100 dedicated volunteers have helped the City of Boulder monitor bird of prey nests found on city open space. Learn more about this important wildlife protection effort and these dedicated volunteers in the Safeguarding Boulder's Birds of Prey video series.



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