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Commercial Use Permits Terms and Conditions

  • Have your permit with you and make copies for anyone who leads a trip.
  • Event permits are valid for the approved dates listed on the permit.
  • Annual and limited permits are valid for the year listed on the permit.
  • You are required to comply with all OSMP rules and regulations.
  • Group size cannot exceed what has been approved by OSMP.
  • You will need to obtain additional permission from OSMP to have groups of more than 16 people.
  • You are responsible for communicating Frontcountry Leave No Trace principles and permit terms and conditions to all participants.
  • At least one group leader must be certified in standard First Aid/CPR on all trips. Exceptions are if you dog walk, photograph, or film exclusively.
  • Permits may be immediately suspended, revoked, or modified for any reason.
  • Permits do not grant permission to enter or conduct activities in areas that are permanently or temporarily restricted or closed.
  • You are required to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the City of Boulder and its agency employees for losses, damages, or judgments and expenses on accidents.
  • OSMP lands will generally remain available on a first-come-first-served basis for all visitors.
  • Permits do not grant exclusive use of the site. Permitees shall ensure that the rights and privileges of other visitors are recognized and met.
  • You are not allowed to interfere with other uses of OSMP or other visitors.
  • No improvements or trail alterations of any kind, temporary or permanent, are authorized without written permission from OSMP. No building, sign, equipment, other property, cultural site, historic structure, natural land feature, vegetation, or wildlife may be destroyed, defaced, removed, or disturbed.
  • No sales or solicitation for sales is to be conducted on OSMP property.
  • If you plan to use an OSMP shelter or facility, you may need to make a reservation. Call 303-441-3440 for information about facility reservations.
  • If you are a film applicant, you are required to have an OSMP commercial use permit and permission from the City of Boulder.  
  • Permit holders who bring people off of designated trails in Habitat Conservation Areas will need to have an off-trail permit.
  • If you are a film applicant, you must report on the filming within one week of completion.
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