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Dog Regulations by Area

Dog Regulations by Area

Dog Regulation Reminders

  • Voice and Sight Control is a tough standard. Please read its criteria and carefully consider whether your dog has sufficient training to meet it. If you are in any doubt, your dog must remain on a leash.
  • Seasonal Leash restrictions are in place on some trails from May 1 - July 31 & Aug. 15 - Nov. 1.
  • Dogs must be leashed at trailheads under the Trailhead Leash Program.
  • The city's dog parks are appropriate places to let your dog off-leash.

Please respect dog regulations on all parts of Open Space and Mountain Parks. You may be issued a court summons by law enforcement personnel if you are found in violation of these rules.

Boulder Valley Ranch Area

Trails in the Boulder Valley Ranch area that allow voice and sight control: Eagle, Degge, Cobalt, Mesa Reservoir, Sage and North Rim Connector trails. Dogs must be leashed on the Left Hand Trail and are prohibited off-trail.

Boulder Valley Ranch Dog Regulations Map

Buckingham Picnic Area/Interim Joder Trail

Dogs must be leashed at the Buckingham Picnic area.

The Interim Joder Trail is leash-required from the trailhead near U.S. Highway 36 to the Buckingham property near Olde Stage Road. Voice and Sight control is allowed on the Buckingham property.

Buckingham Park/Joder Dog Regulations Map

Chautauqua/Enchanted Mesa/McClintock Area

Dogs are not allowed on the McClintock Trail from the small foot bridge below the Chautauqua Auditorium to the trail junction with Mesa Trail.

Trails in the Chautauqua and Enchanted Mesa areas that allow voice and sight control: Chautauqua Trail above trailhead leash area, Bluebell-Baird, Enchanted Mesa (from parking area to bridge is leash-required), Baseline (west of trailhead leash area), Gregory Canyon, Mesa and Royal Arch.

Chautauqua Dog Regulations Map
Enchanted Mesa/McClintock Dog Regulations Map

Doudy Draw/Flatirons Vista Area

The following trails in the Doudy Draw/Flatirons Vista area allow voice and sight control: Doudy Draw, Community Ditch, Flatirons Vista and Prairie Vista. There is a seasonal leash requirement on Doudy Draw south of Community Ditch in effect from Aug. 15 to Nov. 1. This regulation protects black bears. Dogs are allowed on leash and on trail on Spring Brook North and the Fowler trail. Dogs are not allowed on Spring Brook South, Goshawk Ridge or in the Eldorado Mountain Habitat Conservation Area.

Doudy Draw/Flatirons Vista Dog Regulations Map

East Boulder Area

Trails in the East Boulder area that allow voice and sight control: the East Boulder Trail at Gunbarrel Farm and Teller Farm. At Teller Lake No.1, dogs must be leashed within 100 feet of the lake and dogs are prohibited at Teller Lake No.5. Dogs are prohibited on the White Rocks section of the East Boulder Trail. Dogs must be leashed on the Cottontail Trail, between Highway 52 and Lookout Road.

East Boulder - Teller Farm Dog Regulations Map
East Boulder - White Rocks Dog Regulations Map

Flagstaff Summit

Dogs are not allowed on the Boy Scout Trail.

Trails in the Flagstaff Summit area allow voice and sight control: Chapman/Tenderfoot loop, Ute, Rangeview, Flagstaff Trail. Chapman Drive is on leash below the intersection with Tenderfoot Trail.

Flagstaff Summit Dog Regulations Map

Marshall Mesa/Greenbelt Plateau Area

Marshall Mesa area trails that allow voice and sight control: Marshall Mesa, Community Ditch and Greenbelt Plateau Trails. Dogs must be leashed on the High Plains Trail. Dogs are prohibited in the Southern Grasslands Habitat Conservation Area east of the Greenbelt Plateau Trail.

Marshall Mesa/Greenbelt Plateau Dog Regulations Map

Mt. Sanitas/Red Rocks Area

Trails in the Mt. Sanitas area east of the Mt. Sanitas trail, allow voice and sight control including: Mt. Sanitas, Sanitas Valley, Dakota Ridge and Goat Trails. The area west of the Mt. Sanitas trail, including all trails on the North Wittemyer property are prohibited to dogs. All trails in the Red Rocks/Setter's Park area also allow voice and sight control: Red Rocks, Anemone (currently closed) and Sunshine Canyon trails.

Mt. Sanitas Dog Regulations Map
Red Rocks/Settler's Park Dog Regulations Map

Sawhill Ponds

Only the first two ponds at Sawhill, to the east of the parking area, are open to voice and sight control regulations. All other ponds and the interior of the nature preserve require that all dogs be leashed.

Sawhill Ponds Dog Regulations Map

South Boulder Creek Area

Trails in the South Boulder Creek area that allow voice and sight control: Dry Creek and South Boulder Creek Trail (Bobolink section - north of S. Boulder Road). Dogs must be leashed on the paved multi-use path between the Bobolink Trailhead and the East Boulder Community Center. Dogs are prohibited on South Boulder Creek Trail from South Boulder Road to Marshall Road. The Cherryvale Trail is leash-required.

South Boulder Creek Dog Regulations Map

South Mesa Trail Area

Dogs are not allowed on Towhee Trail or the Big Bluestem Connector Trail from Greenbriar. Dogs must be leashed on Upper Big Bluestem on Saturdays & Sundays. Lower Big Bluestem Trail is leash-required year round. Dogs are prohibited off trail in the area surrounding the Lower Big Bluestem Trail.

Trails in the South Mesa area that allow voice and sight control: Homestead (except dogs must be leashed on the bridge where it crosses the Towhee drainage), Mesa, Upper Big Bluestem (Monday-Friday), South Boulder Creek (west of Hwy. 93), S. Fork Shanahan, N. Fork Shanahan, Fern Canyon and Shadow Canyon Trails.

South Mesa Dog Regulations Map

Wonderland Lake/North Foothills Area

Most trails in the Wonderland Lake/North Foothills area require dogs to be on leash including all trails (and off-trail areas) around Wonderland Lake and Foothills Trail south of Lee Hill Road. Foothills Trail north of Lee Hill Road allows voice and sight control. Dogs are prohibited on the Hogback Ridge Trail and all areas north and west of Foothills Trail between Highway 36 and Lee Hill Road.

Wonderland Lake/North Foothills Dog Regulations Map

Trailhead Leash Program

The Trailhead Leash Program requires dog guardians to leash their dogs upon exiting their vehicle at all OSMP trailheads, and in the area of the trailheads. Markers have been placed along the trails which indicate when the dog may be managed under voice and sight control, providing the dog displays a tag from the voice and sight control program. This program was designed to keep you, your dog and other visitors to our trails safe and to help make everyone’s outdoor experience as enjoyable as possible.

Trailhead Leash Maps