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Foothills Trailhead

Foothills Trailhead



People enjoy open space for physical, emotional and mental health. Remember to always be courteous. Don't forget to: 

  • Plan visits ahead of time and don’t park illegally at full trailhead areas.
  • Remember to “keep the space in open space.” Maintain 6 feet of distance from people not in your household.
  • Leave No Trace. Stay on trail and walk through mud. If you step off trail to let others pass, immediately step back on trail. 
  • Protect first responders. Know your limits and don’t take unnecessary risks.
  • Visit to see current trail closures, historical data that shows areas of high and low open space use and trails that are wider than 6 feet. See when trails are busiest through our Visitation Data Explorer.


North Foothills Trailhead:

Leave Boulder on Highway 36 heading north. The trailhead parking lot is just immediately north of the edge of town a few 100 feet, and is visible from the highway next to the cement plant, accessible by a dirt road.

South Foothills/Four Mile Creek trailhead:  

Take Lee Hill Road west from Broadway about 0.2 miles, look for the parking lot and the Open Space sign.

Please check for Trail & Area Closures.

Or view the interactive trail map (includes trail closures) and the interactive wildlife closures map

You are responsible for knowing and complying with all closures and OSMP rules & regulations.


Parking near the cement plant north of town on the east side, or park at the parking lot on the south side of Leehill Road.


Please keep your car doors locked and your car windows rolled up at all times while leaving your vehicle parked at OSMP trailheads. Also consider leaving important valuables at home or take them with you while visiting open space. To report suspicious activity please call City of Boulder Dispatch 303-441-3333 or Boulder County Dispatch 303-441-4444. For crimes in progress, call 911 immediately.


An RTD bus passes very close to this trailhead. Learn about Taking the Bus to OSMP.


View Foothills Area Trail Map pdf

Foothills Trail has two trailheads.

North Foothills Trailhead: Head north from Boulder on Highway 36 / 28th Street. Almost immediately (before the cement factory) look for a dirt road turn off on the east side of the highway. This turnoff will take you to a trailhead parking area that is visible just to the east of the main highway. From this parking area, the trail passes under Highway 36 through a tunnel.

Foothills Trail (1.2 miles south of Longhorn Rd and 1.1 mile north of Lee Hill Rd) heads west from the trailhead to the Hogback Ridge Trail intersection and from there turns south toward Lee Hill Road to the Four Mile Creek Trailhead. The southern most point of the Foothills Trail is at Wonderland Lake.

Hogback Ridge Trail (1.8 mile) is a loop trail off the western most point of the Foothills Trail. It provides wonderful views to the east as it meanders past intermittent springs, ponderosa pine savannah and through the remnants of the 1990 Olde Stage fire.

North Foothills Trailhead also provides access into the Boulder Valley Ranch trail system.

Eagle Trail (part of Boulder Valley Ranch) is located to the northeast of the parking lot and can be accessed by following the access road north past the Foothills Trailhead. Follow the access road as it curves northeast. The road will dead end at an access to the Mesa Reservoir area. There are numerous trails in this area and access all the way to the Eagle Trailhead on North 55th Street.

Fourmile Creek/ South Foothills Trailhead: Located on the north side of Lee Hill Road to the west of Broadway in north Boulder. Look for the parking area and trailhead sign.


This area is identified as being popular with people using wheelchairs. See the Accessible Trails Page for details.




No picnic facilities.


Bicycles are allowed on the Foothills, Eagle and Sage Trails. Bicycles may be ridden only on those trails that are posted with the international bicycle symbol. Other bike trails on OSMP.


Foothills Area Dog Regulations Map

Learn about bringing your dog to OSMP. All dogs must be leashed in the Trailhead Leash Area. Beyond the trailhead, dog control requirements vary from trail to trail, so carefully watch for dog regulation signs at trailheads and trail intersections. Dogs are not allowed on the Hogback Ridge Trail. On most other OSMP trails in this area, dogs must be on a hand-held leash at all times unless they meet the voice and sight control standard and display a City of Boulder Voice and Sight tag. Dog excrement removal is required by law.


Horses are allowed on most trails. On-trail riding is encouraged to protect rare plants and wildlife habitat. Learn more about riding your horse on OSMP.


There is an abundance of raptors: eagles, northern harriers, red-tailed hawks may be observed. Mule deer and coyotes are frequently sighted. Many snakes can be found in this area including rattlesnakes and bull snakes. For your own safety, please stay on designated trails.