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Gebhard Integrated Site Project

Gebhard (Greenbelt Meadows) Integrated Site Project Community Meeting

City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) had its second community meeting to help connect the community to nature along the South Boulder Creek corridor while also protecting sensitive wildlife. It was held from 5 to 7:30 p.m. on Monday, May 20, at the OSMP Hub, 2520 55th Street.

Meeting Materials

Goal and Objectives pdf
What We Heard pdf
Project Schedule pdf
Workshop Notes and Graphic Comments pdf

If you have questions or comments, feel free to reach out to the project manager, Maki Boyle at [email protected] or 720-445-2596. 

Gebhard ISP Maps

Basemap of Project Area pdf
Resource Mapping pdf

We've heard how you experience and value the remarkable natural area along South Boulder Creek. Your ideas will contribute to a community dialogue that will help inform management actions by City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks Department (OSMP) that are designed to:

  • Assess and determine community access routes to and on the OSMP-managed South Boulder Creek corridor southeast of the East Boulder Community Center.
  • Protect rare and federally-threatened wildlife and plant species.

OSMP is committed to working with the community on next steps and options that would meet the project’s goals and objectives. Your input at the May 20 meeting, along with your feedback at a community event last year, will shape concepts of potential site changes for additional community review later this year. If you have questions or comments in the meantime, feel free to reach out to the project manager, Maki Boyle at [email protected] or 720-445-2596. 

Why OSMP is seeking your input

Did you know that when you experience the South Boulder Creek corridor you are visiting a Colorado Natural Area, a special designation reserved only for the best of the best wildlife areas in the state? The richness of the plant and animal community found here entwines numerous special and unique inhabitants including:

  • The Preble’s meadow jumping mouse, a federally protected animal.
  • Ute ladies’ tresses orchids, a federally protected plant.
  • The Northern Leopard Frog, an animal of great conservation need here in Colorado.
  • A broad array of other native plants and animals dependent on intact stream ecosystems.

For the last several years, OSMP has been working to sustain the high plant and wildlife diversity found along South Boulder Creek to fulfill the city’s obligation to protect this unique State Natural Area. This has been accomplished by completing habitat restoration projects, installing new information signs and making improvements and changes to trails as well as designated access to the creek. Help us continue these efforts as we work together to identify and implement other ways to reduce wildlife and plant disturbances while improving people’s connections with nature. 

Have questions? Please send an email to Maki Boyle at [email protected].

Map showing project area