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Interagency Research Proposals

OSMP, Boulder County Parks and Open Space (BCPOS) and Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) are happy to announce that they will once again consider proposals for research that cross their land boundaries.

Working with multiple agencies can have many benefits: for example, researchers can use a broader spatial extent, access a greater number of environments and environmental histories, use a larger breadth of methods, and attract more funding. These benefits make for higher quality research studies and help facilitate inter-agency collaboration and understanding.

Here are the custom procedures for applying to work with >1 land agency:

  1. You should create just one proposal for submission to multiple agencies. Follow the proposal format guidelines for OSMP.
  2. In addition to the regular proposal, please add to the top of your proposal an additional cover page (one page maximum) formatted as follows:
  • Title: Your title 
  • Subtitle: "This proposal is for consideration by both X and Y agencies," where X and Y are the two (or three) agencies involved.
  • Section 1:  Importance of the proposed research to each agency
    • Briefly describe the unique benefits that each agency will receive.
  • Section 2: Correspondence history
    • Briefly describe the history of your correspondence with staff about the research.
  • Section 3: Funding request
    • Please specify how much you are requesting from each agency, in a bulleted list. For example:
      • OSMP: $8,500
      • BCPOS: $5,100
      • JCOS: $10,000

3. When you submit your proposal, be sure to cc the appropriate parties from each agency. 

Note: Interagency grants are not guaranteed to be funded by all agencies; the proposals should still be stand alone projects if one agency decides not to fund it.