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Greg Joder Gallery

OSMP photos by Greg Joder

Bumblebee on Orange Arnica flowersLance-leaf Chiming Bells at Joder Ranch Open Space.Leaves of a green gentian / monument plant.Watchful coyote at Joder Ranch Open Space.Damselfly at Joder Ranch.Twelve-spotted skimmer dragonfly at Joder Ranch.Close up, Yellow Evening Primrose flower on the OSMP shale barrens north of Boulder. .Blue Flax.Green Hedgehog ball cactus at Joder Ranch Open Space.Female Broad-tailed Hummingbird.Female Broad-tailed Hummingbird.Hind wing of a female Io Moth.Fuzzy ball cactus and lichen-covered rock at Joder Ranch.Field of Orange Arnica flowers.More Orange Arnica flowers.Western Meadowlark at Joder Ranch.Blue Mist Penstemon blooming at Joder Ranch Open Space.Pygmy NuthatchPygmy Nuthatch takes flight.Rabbits fighting or playing at Joder Ranch Open Space.Western Rattlesnake at Joder Ranch.Mariposa Lily.Shooting Stars in flower, Joder Ranch Open Space.Close up, Woodhouse Toad.Orange Arnica flowers in a meadow at Joder Ranch Open Space.Fall cottonwood leaves.Mountain Ball Cactus at Joder Ranch Open Space.

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