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Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

In 1998, Boulder became the first city in the country to join in the national Leave No Trace effort. LNT, a nonprofit with headquarters in Boulder, is dedicated to reducing the impact of recreation on backcountry areas. Boulder's is the first program adapted for "frontcountry" and is being used as a model nationwide.

Want to help protect the land you own? Become an OSMP Education Volunteer and help spread the Leave No Trace message to others!

Manage Your Dog

Keeping your dog in control keeps people, dogs, livestock and wildlife safe. Others may not appreciate your dog's company; if not sure, ask before allowing your dog to approach them. Keep your dog nearby and under control. Carry and use a leash as required.

Pick Up Poop

Phew! Dog poop stinks, is not natural to Open Space and Mountain Parks, and others can step in it. Pack a pick-up bag and always pick up your dog's poop -- wherever it's left.

Trash Your Trash

Please take out all trash -- yours and others'. Even biodegradable materials, such as orange peels, apple cores and food scraps, take years to break down, and attract scavengers that harm other wildlife.

Leave It as You Find It

Picking flowers, collecting rocks, picking berries may not seem to be a big deal, but it means others won't have a chance to enjoy them. With millions of people visiting Open Space and Mountain parks, the less impact we each make, the longer we will enjoy what we have.

Stick To Trail

Traveling on trail leaves room for wildlife and their homes. Shortcutting trails causes erosion. Be ready to get muddy and step right through puddles. Boots dry overnight; plants take years to recover.

Share Our Trails

We all enjoy Open Space and Mountain Parks in different ways. Pay attention, expect to encounter others and be courteous. Yield to all.

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