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Off Trail Permit Terms and Conditions

  • You are required to carry a valid off-trail permit for any activity occurring off of designated trails in a Habitat Conservation Area (HCA).
  • Off-trail permits are valid for one day only.
  • Off-trail permits are valid for one HCA. If you are visiting more than one HCA, a separate permit is required for each HCA.
  • You are responsible for knowing when and where closures apply.
  • Dog walking is not an allowed off-trail permit activity. Bicyclists must remain on designated trails that are open to bikes.
  • Overall group size limit is 16.
  • Permit holder must read, agree to, and communicate these rules (terms and conditions) and low impact guidelines to group members.

Things to Know: Off-Trail Permit Low Impact Guidelines

Follow these low impact guidelines to reduce your impact on the land and wildlife.

Know Before You Go

  • Communicate requirements to other group members.
  • If possible, travel in small groups of six or fewer. Smaller groups tend to be less disruptive than larger groups.

Disperse Your Use

  • Disperse your use when traveling off-trail. When possible, travel on durable surfaces including rock, sand, gravel or ground litter such as needle cast or dry grass. Please avoid leafy plants and wet areas including shorelines, wetlands and streamside corridors. If you encounter an undesignated trail, please do not use it. If an official or emergency vehicle access exists, please use it.

Trash Your Trash

  • Remove and dispose of any seeds or mud containing seeds on your socks or shoes before entering natural lands. Please dispose seeds or mud in a trash can to prevent the spread of invasive weeds.
  • Pack out all litter, including scraps, peels and fruit cores. Even biodegradable materials take years to break down and attract scavengers that harm other wildlife.
  • Don't leave ribbons, cairns or signs of your passing. Don't prune shrubs to ease your passage.
  • No restrooms are available. Reduce your impact by using restroom before entering the HCA.

Leave It as You Find It

  • Leave rocks, plants and cultural artifacts as you find them.

Keep Wildlife Wild

  • Don't approach or disturb wildlife. Give wildlife time to move on.
  • Avoid streamside corridors.
  • Avoid and minimize nighttime activities from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise.

Respect Other Visitors

  • Let nature's sounds prevail. Avoid loud voices and noises. Keep cell phones and electronic devices turned down, off or on "vibrate."

Off-Trail Permit Notices and Reminders

Eldorado Mountain HCA Bull Gulch area

The Eldorado Mountain HCA off-trail permit Subarea 6 includes the Bull Gulch drainage. This area offers exceptional habitat to a variety of wildlife that are rare on OSMP lands and are sensitive to human activity. Some of these include elk, wild turkey, grouse, black bears and mountain lions. To better protect wildlife use of this area, we ask that off-trail permit holders voluntarily avoid the Bull Gulch Area (Subarea 6). OSMP will be monitoring this sub-area to address future decisions on balancing visitor-use and wildlife protection.

Private Roads

Some private roads, such as Bison Drive, border Open Space and Mountain Parks property but are not open to the public. Private roads are reserved for residents and emergency vehicles, and are not open to the public for driving or hiking. Off trail permits do not grant access to private roads.

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