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Open Space & Mountain Parks 2015 Video Annual Report

View our Community's Accomplishments

While you're out on the trail and enjoying Boulder's incredible vistas, you may not see the hard work our community and Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) do to manage, conserve and improve the city's open space. Watch our video annual report to see what OSMP, the Open Space Board of Trustees and our community accomplished in 2015. 

OSMP: At a Glance

OSMP preserves and protects the natural environment and land resources that characterize Boulder. We foster appreciation and use that sustain the natural values of the land for current and future generations.

Today, OSMP conserves and manages more than 45,000 acres of public land where wildlife and plant species can thrive in their native habitats, and our community can enjoy a wide range of recreational opportunities.

45,000+ Acres conserved and managed
148 Miles of trails
36 Trailheads
70   Access Points
59  Species of mammals
100+ Species of birds
700+ Plant species
15,000 Acres leased to local farmers and ranchers
30 Water ditches that OSMP helps manage
1,765    Volunteers in 2015
20,031  Volunteer hours in 2015
76 Volunteer projects in 2015
630 Educational programs, guided hikes in 2015
15,000 Program participants in 2015

OSMP's 2015 Budget
Total Budget: $31,136,952
Number of Full-time Equivalent (FTE) Employees: 117.35

OSMP's Department Structure

Leadership Team

OSMP's Leadership Team ensures strategic alignment of OSMP projects with the department’s mission and priorities. This team includes the Executive Director, Science Officer, Community Relations Officer, and the four managers of the service areas outlined below.

Central Services

Central Services provides support for the daily internal operations of the Department. This service area offers real estate, information resources, administrative, and financial services, including: acquisition of land interests and management of easement requests; data management, Geographic Information Systems, Web Site management, etc; support of the Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT), front office, permitting and program support (such as Voice and Sight programs), and preparation and analysis of the OSMP budget and monitoring of the parking fee, cash management, and timesheet databases.

Community Connections and Partnerships

Community Connections and Partnerships engages community members around the mission and vision of OSMP. This service area coordinates activities and messaging around: environmental planning and sustainability; education and Outreach programs, including volunteer projects and services and the Junior Ranger Program; and Ranger Services.

Resources and Stewardship

Resource and Stewardship staff are responsible for understanding, caring for, and promoting the well-being of open space lands within a Department-wide context that supports all chartered land uses.  This service area provides expertise in: wildlife management, wetlands and riparian areas, forest management, plants and grasslands, ecological restoration, integrated pest management, agricultural use, water resources, human dimensions and recreation research, as well as scenic and cultural resource management."

Trails and Facilities

Trails and Facilities  supports the design, construction, and maintenance of OSMP’s physical assets. This service area manages and maintains OSMP’s: trails, trailheads and access points, acquired properties, and equipment and vehicle assets.

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