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What's Ahead

What's Ahead

Focus Areas - We Are Here

Council approves final focus areas area consideration: The Boulder City Council unanimously approved these focus areas on Tuesday, July 24:

  • Ecosystem Health and Resilience
  • Responsible Recreation, Stewardship and Enjoyment
  • Agriculture –Today and Tomorrow
  • Community Connection, Education and Inclusion
  • Financial Sustainability

These focus areas emerged from community feedback on values, hopes and concerns for open space and mountain parks as well as the data available in the System Overview Report, staff and consultant expertise, and input from the Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT) and City Council. View the focus areas meeting memo pdf. Stay up-to-date on Open Space Board of Trustees and City Council involvement.  

Curious about where we are in the overall planning process? Read on or see our Project Management Plan (PMP) pdf, which was approved by City Council in January 2018. The PMP reflects a shared understanding of what to expect over the next two years.

Strategies and Priorities - Fall 2018/Early 2019

Now that our focus areas are confirmed, the associated strategies to achieve them must be developed and prioritized based on available funding and other criteria. Over about a six-month process, a sequence of public meetings, digital engagement and a statistically-valid community survey will help refine and prioritize strategies.

Draft Plan - Spring/Summer 2019

Community members will have opportunities to review and comment on the draft plan as it gets reviewed by the Planning Board, the Open Space Board of Trustees and City Council.

Final Plan - Late Summer 2019

The final version of the Master Plan will integrate feedback gathered throughout the entire process. The Master Plan will also have measurable outcomes for tracking progress over time.

Plan Implementation - Fall 2019

OSMP will use the Master Plan to guide development of annual work plans and collaborate with the community and agency partners during implementation.

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