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OSMP Permits

OSMP Permits

COVID Terms & Conditions:

  • Abide by maximum group size limits at each facility and maintain 6 feet of distance from others outside of your household.
  • While face covering requirements are no longer in place, it is still recommended that visitors wear face coverings when it’s not possible to maintain 6 feet of social distance, such as passing others on a narrow trail or at bathrooms.
  • Stationary activity and lingering should not occur outside of designated staging areas. Make sure to maintain 6 feet of distance from other groups.
  • OSMP strongly recommends that everyone takes extra caution in regard to using PPE (i.e. wear gloves and use hand sanitizer).
  • All visitors should take extra precaution when using the restrooms and outhouses on OSMP lands. Though OSMP staff go to extra effort to provide safe, sanitary facilities, it is wise to bring extra sanitizing supplies or to plan ahead to not use them.
  • OSMP also strongly recommends traveling separately as much as possible i.e. carpooling only with members of the same household.


It is imperative as a permit holder that you are aware of which designated trails are open for your particular activities and what the restrictions are for that trail. Permits do not grant exclusive use of any site.

Weddings, ceremonies, elopements and other stationary events are only permitted to occur at designated shelters and facilities on OSMP lands.

The grassy lawn at Chautauqua Park is managed by City of Boulder Parks and Recreation and can be reserved by calling 303-413-7200.

Many different activities on OSMP lands require a permit. Detailed information about permits is below.

Which permit do I need?

Unsure of which permit you might need? Answer a few questions in the guide to find out if you need a Commercial Use, Special Use and/or Film Permit.

Do I need a permit?



Commercial Use Permits

Commercial Use Permits

If you charge a fee or raise funds while using OSMP lands, you need to have a commercial use permit. Commercial liability insurance pdf is required. Note: Competitive events are prohibited on OSMP; Boulder Revised Code 8-8-10.


Film Permits

Film Permit Application

Note: Operating drones is prohibited on OSMP lands.

Most filming projects on OSMP lands require a commercial use permit. You may request an exemption from the commercial use permit requirement if you are working on a student project or something similar. For more information please email [email protected]. Photographers note: Still photography shoots only need a commercial use permit and do not need to submit a film permit to OSMP. 

All film permit applicants must also submit a City of Boulder Filming Application.


Facility Reservation Information

Renting Picnic Shelters and Facilities

Facilities on Flagstaff Mountain may be rented in advance for weddings, picnics, parties or other events.


Alcohol Permits

Guidelines for Alcohol Permits

Alcohol permits are required at OSMP facilities and are granted only to City of Boulder residents with a confirmed facility rental.


Firewood Permits

Firewood Program

Information and instructions to obtain wood that is available to the public and a calendar showing wood availability.


Memorials on OSMP

View the Memorials and Donations Policy pdf. Please email Megan Grunewald for more information on memorials.


Off Trail Permits

Off Trail Permits

The Off-Trail Permit Program allows visitors to obtain a free permit to travel off designated trails in Habitat Conservation Areas (HCAs).


Parking Permits

Open Space Parking Permits and Fees

Visitors whose vehicles are not registered in Boulder County must possess a daily ($5) or annual ($25) permit to park at some trailheads.


Request an Educational Program

Environmental Education Programs for Schools and Community Groups

Open Space & Mountain Parks provides free environmental education programs for schools and community groups.


Research, Collection, and Field-Course Permits

Research, Collection, and Field-Course Permit Applications

Anyone who wishes to conduct research on OSMP, or collect animals or plants on OSMP, or use OSMP for field-course studies, requires a permit.


Special Use Permits

Special Use Permits

Special use permits are required for any passive recreational group activity with 25 or more participants.


Voice and Sight Dog Tags

Voice and Sight Tags

Information on how to register for the Voice and Sight Tag Program or renew your dogs' Voice and Sight Tags each year.