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OSMP Projects

The City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department will highlight large projects for 2020 on this page. 

Anemone Hill Trail Construction

Trail Closures - updated July 9, 2020

Why are trail closures needed?

Mechanized equipment, rock blasting, rockfall, and other construction hazards necessitate closure of Anemone Hill trails during construction hours.

Anemone Hill trails are expected to be open evenings and weekends.

Nearby trails, especially around the Centennial and Settlers Park Trailheads and the Red Rocks Area, will have short-term closures when heavy equipment and helicopters are operating in the area to support the Anemone Hill project.

July update: A section of Red Rocks Trail heading south out of Centennial Trailhead will be closed beginning July 14, 2020 because of heavy equipment operating on-site. This section of trail will be closed 5am-5pm each day Mon-Fri for an estimated 2-3 weeks. A detour is available. 

View a map of the additional trail closures effective July 14 pdf.

View a map of trail closures during construction pdf.

PLEASE DO NOT ENTER CLOSURE AREAS OR REMOVE CLOSURE FENCES AND SIGNS  – doing so puts yourself and other visitors at risk, slows down construction, and increases project costs. No trespassing in closure areas. Violators will be ticketed and fined up to $1000 and/or 90 days in jail.

Anemone Hill project update, June 4, 2020 

Trail construction has started! The crew has mobilized equipment to the site, and begun work on a large stone retaining wall and stone stairs. Here, the crew is preparing a stone that has been drilled and split to be moved by cable to the project site.

Trail construction work



Anemone Hill

Project Overview

What work is being done?

OSMP is constructing a new three-mile loop trail – this new route will bring people to many of the existing popular locations on Anemone Hill, and some new areas. Additionally, existing undesignated trails in the area that are in poor condition and which negatively impact habitat will be closed and re-vegetated to reduce impacts to the environment.

View a map of the planned project pdf.

What can I expect to see during the project?

  • Mechanized equipment is being used for this project. Helicopters are expected to be used for mobilizing materials for some aspects of the work.Trail work with machine
  • Rockfall control fencing will be installed on the eastern part of Anemone Hill – this is needed to prevent rockfall over Boulder Canyon during construction. This barrier will be removed before project completion.

When is this project occurring?

The project will start as early as Thursday, May 14, 2020 and is expected to take approximately two years to complete.

Why is this project being done? 

The new trail will replace existing trails, which have significant erosion and widening issues. These issues are negative impacts to the surrounding environment and are impossible for OSMP to adequately maintain. OSMP trail staff and ecologists have collaborated on the trail design with the goal of providing a fantastic recreational opportunity for trail users while minimizing negative impacts to the environment and habitat.

The Anemone Hill project is part of the OSMP West Trail Study Area (WTSA) pdf management plan, which was approved by OSMP’s Board of Trustees and Boulder’s City Council and involved significant public input. 


Trails 2020: A Public Open House

Volunteers working on a trail

OSMP held a community open house on Thursday, Feb. 27, to inform community members of upcoming trail projects and maintenance efforts that OSMP will conduct in 2020.

View posters from the open house pdf.

This in-person learning experience informed community members of trail building, repair and maintenance efforts and featured information on:

  • Planned construction that will extend the Anemone Trail into a 3-mile trail loop west of Boulder.
  • Upcoming work along the Cottontail Trail northeast of Boulder, which will help OSMP to complete major maintenance work along the important commuter path.
  • Continuing trail projects along popular paths, including the Mount Sanitas Trail, Tenderfoot Trail, 1st-2nd Flatiron Trail, and the junction area of Fern Canyon and Mesa Trails.
  • Information on how OSMP completes full-sweeps of its 155-mile trail system to prioritize trail repairs, and volunteering on trail projects will also be available.
  • The new Boulder Area Trail App, which provides information on OSMP trails along with paths managed by 11 other Boulder-area agencies. OSMP also will highlight its interactive trail map and an online tool that shows which OSMP trails that receive the most AND least visits.

Eldorado Canyon to Walker Ranch Connection

A group of three local and state governments have proposed a preliminary interagency recommendation for a multi-use trail connection between Eldorado Canyon State Park and Walker Ranch. After collaboration to complete a Trail Feasibility Study and careful consideration of the findings, Boulder County Parks & Open Space, the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife are jointly recommending the North Route (using segments N1-N2-N4) as the preferred alignment for an Eldorado Canyon to Walker Ranch multi-use trail connection. Please visit the project website to learn more.  

Due to heavy equipment operating on-site, this section of trail will be closed 5am-5pm each day Mon-Fri for an estimated 2-3 weeks.