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OSMP Projects

Flood damage on trail

The City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department will begin several large trail projects this spring to improve the sustainability of popular trails and to repair trail infrastructure damaged during the 2013 floods. While OSMP seeks to limit the impacts that users experience on open space to the greatest extent practicable, some long-term trail closures will be necessary to protect visitors. In most instances, trails under repair work will be open during the weekends.

Trail Projects

South Foothills Trail

Status Update – Feb. 2018

OSMP’s contractor is currently preparing logistics for starting trail repairs in the spring of 2018. Check back here for the start date of the project and associated trail closures.

Project Area

The Foothills South trail from the Utica Avenue access north to Four Mile Canyon Creek.

Foothills South Trail will be closed from Utica Ave. access to Four Mile Creek

Project/Background Information

Damage to the trail from 2013 floods Starting as early as March, OSMP will repair 3,400 feet of the Foothills South Trail from the Utica Avenue access north to Four Mile Canyon Creek. This project will repair damage from the 2013 floods, which has resulted in eroded trail conditions and loss of trail surfacing material – creating an uneven trail surface, drainage issues, and seasonal muddy conditions on the trail. This is one of OSMP’s last two flood-related trail projects that is eligible for FEMA reimbursement.

OSMP will institute closures along the Foothills South Trail and the Locust Ave. access trail to help complete this project. Closures will occur from 7 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, and the project is estimated to take approximately two months to complete. Muddy conditions along South Foothills Trail The trail is expected to be open on evenings and weekends. Paragliding access to Wonderland Hill is available via the Utica Ave. trail access or the Wonderland Lake area. Alternate routes around the closure area are available to the east via multi-use paths and sidewalks for hikers and runners, and via streets and multi-use paths for cyclists.

This project does not include the installation of a new bridge over the Four Mile Canyon Creek crossing.  The bridge project is currently going through engineering and design, and will require several permitting and review processes.

Boulder Falls

Starting as early as  Monday, Feb. 12, OSMP will begin work to repair Boulder Falls. During this repair project, OSMP will rebuild gabion walls – which are rock baskets used to catch sediment coming off the hillside – and conduct repairs to stabilize the trail. The project also will improve trail tread. Boulder Falls remains closed.  Because of equipment needed to conduct these repairs, there will be no parking available at Boulder Falls pull offs along Boulder Canyon.

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