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OSMP Staff List

OSMP Director, Dan Burke

Deputy Director, Steve Armstead

  • Community Relations Coordinator, Alison Ecklund

  • Science Officer, Brian Anacker

    • Monitoring & Research Analyst, Ann Lezberg

Communications Specialist III, Phil Yates (City Communications)

Central Services Manager, Lauren Kilcoyne

Business Services Supervisor, (Lauren Kilcoyne)

  • Administrative Supervisor - Customer Service, Leah Case
    • Administrative Specialist II, Megan Grunewald
    • Administrative Specialist II, Victoria Romero
  • Administrative Specialist III, Michele Gonzales
  • Administrative Specialist III, Katie Kisiel
  • Budget Analyst II, Cole Moffatt
    • Administrative Specialist II, Erika Jensen
  • Operations Coordinator, Alycia Alexander

Real Estate Supervisor, Bethany Collins

  • Associate Property Agent, Matt Ashley
  • Associate Property Agent, Michael Downey
  • Property Agent, Luke McKay
  • Property Agent, Vacant
  • Research & Information Specialist, Alfredo Alvarado

Resource Information Supervisor, Mo Valenta 

  • Application Developer I - GIS, Jennifer Sherry
  • Application System Administrator III, Brad Lose
  • Application System Administrator I, Sarah Hill
  • GIS Supervisor, John Morley
    • GIS Analyst I, Charlie Philbrick
    • GIS Analyst II, Kendell Ryan

Community Connections & Partnerships Manager, Mark Davison

Planning and Design Services Supervisor, Mark Gershman

  • Planner I, Juliet Bonnell
  • Senior Planner, Kacey French
  • Senior Planner, Deryn Wagner
    • Landscape Architect II, Maki Boyle

Education & Outreach Supervisor, Lisa Dierauf

  • Education Supervisor, Curry Rosato
    • Education & Outreach Coordinator, Casey Bries
    • Education & Outreach Coordinator, Juanita Echeverri
    • Education & Outreach Coordinator, Lynne Sullivan
    • Education & Outreach Coordinator, Dave Sutherland
  • Outreach Supervisor, Steve Mertz
    • Education & Outreach Coordinator, Topher Downham

Ranger Services Supervisor, Burton Stoner

  • Operations Specialist, Arian Hampel
  • Ranger Operations Supervisor, Rick Hatfield
  • Ranger Operations Supervisor, Geoff Jasper
  • Lead Ranger/Naturalist, Gretchen Bolivar
  • Lead Ranger/Naturalist, Dave Gustafson
    • Ranger/Naturalist II, Eric Collins
    • Ranger/Naturalist I, Brandon Garrett
    • Ranger/Naturalist I, Alec Jenkins
    • Ranger/Naturalist I, Kelly Kramer McBride
    • Ranger/Naturalist II, Brian Litwin
    • Ranger/Naturalist I, Melinda Markin
    • Ranger/Naturalist I, Maria Mayer
    • Ranger/Naturalist II, Kristin Moldenhauer
    • Ranger/Naturalist I, Jasmine Sim
    • Ranger/Naturalist II, Scott Wilkey
    • Ranger/Naturalist I, Lindsay Young​​
    • Ranger/Naturalist I, Vacant

Volunteer, Service Learning & Partnerships Supervisor, Jennelle Freeston

  • Coordinator of Group Projects, Kristin Weinberger
  • Coordinator of Volunteer Programs, Halice Ruppi
  • Youth Service Learning Coordinator, Natasha Steinmann

Resource & Stewardship Manager, John Potter

Agriculture & Water Stewardship Supervisor, Andy Pelster

  • Agricultural Management Coordinator, Ryan Middleton
  • Agricultural Management Coordinator, Brian Walton
  • Agroecology Coordinator, Eric Fairlee
    • Agricultural Resource Technician, John Wold
  • ​Soil Health Coordinator, Lauren Kolb
  • Water Resources Administrator, Amy Willhite
    • Water Resources Coordinator, Dustin Allard

Ecological Stewardship Supervisor, Heather Swanson

  • Plant Ecologist, Lynn Riedel
  • Prairie Dog Conservation & Management Coordinator, Vacant
  • Senior Wildlife Ecologist, Will Keeley
  • Wetland & Riparian Ecologist, Marianne Giolitto
  • Wildlife Resource Coordinator, Christian Nunes
  • Wildlife Resource Coordinator, Ryan Prioreschi

Project Coordinator, Don D'Amico

Recreation & Cultural Stewardship Supervisor, Frances Boulding

  • Cultural Resource Coordinator, Christian Driver
  • Human Dimensions Supervisor, Deonne VanderWoude
    • Human Dimensions Coordinator, Colin Leslie
    • Human Dimensions Crew Leader, Heidi Seidel
  • Project Manager, Julie Johnson
  • Recreation Ecologist Supervisor, Adam Gaylord
    • Recreation Management Program Lead, Lisa Goncalo
  • Trail Research Coordinator, (Frances Boulding)

Vegetation Stewardship Supervisor, Chris Wanner

  • Forest Management Coordinator, Mike Steinbeiss
    • Forest Restoration Crew Lead, Ben Cook
    • Forest Restoration Crew Lead, Chris Dirolf
  • Restoration Plant Ecologist, Megan Bowes
    • Ecological Restoration Crew Leader, Kevin Shields
  • Vegetation Management Supervisor, Laurie Deiter
    • Vegetation Management Crew Leader, John Giezentanner
    • Vegetation Management Crew Leader, Steven Zweber
    • Vegetation Management Technician, Nick Bankston

Trails & Facilities Manager, Jim Reeder

Asset Management Supervisor, Ben Mayer

  • Equipment & Fleet Management Program Lead, Luis Aldaba
  • Equipment Operations & Safety Officer Program Lead, Jay Jones
  • Facilities Maintenance Program Lead, Dave McLaughlin
  • Facilities Maintenance Technician, Jerry Katopodes

Engineering & Project Management Supervisor, Vacant

  • Capital Improvement Project Coordinator, Greg Seabloom
  • Capital Trails Program Lead, Zack Stansfield
  • Capital Trails Program Lead, Gabe Wilson
  • Project Coordinator, Chris Lawlor
  • Trail Crew Lead, Will Chaney
  • Trail Crew Lead, Joanna Daloisio
  • Trail Crew Lead, Jonathan Moser

Visitor Infrastructure Supervisor, Jarret Roberts

  • Sign and Graphics Display Coordinator, Vacant
    • Sign and Graphics Display Crew Lead, Patrick Harbert
  • Trails Stewardship Supervisor, Chad Brotherton
    • Trail Stewardship Program Lead, Vacant
    • Trail Stewardship Program Lead, Hilary Dees
    • Trail Crew Lead, Troy DeGroot
    • Trail Crew Lead, Sam Greenburg
    • Trail Crew Lead, Nathan McCarty
    • Trail Crew Lead, Zach Ryerson
    • Trails Volunteer Program Lead, Beau Clark
  • Trailheads and Trailhead Volunteer Program Lead,  Dave Barry
  • Trailhead Program Lead,  Ben Verrill
  • Trailhead Crew Lead, Nick Devonald