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After the Flood: Continuing Trail Repairs

Broken asphalt on Gregory Canyon Drive

99% of OSMP’s trail system now open, but some trails remain closed

Since September, trail crews with the City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department have had a single focus: to re-open all trails damaged during the September Flood.

With the help of volunteers, they’ve re-built bridges. They’ve resurfaced miles of trails. They’ve re-routed trails around mudslides. And they’ve cleared massive amounts of boulders, snapped branches and other flood-related debris from trails.

As a result of volunteers and trail crews’ hard work, about 99 percent of OSMP’s trail system is now open. However, some trails sustained significant and severe damage and still require major repair efforts to reopen them to the public. Because of the expected limited availability of materials and contractors, who are working to complete numerous post-flood projects, completion of those projects may take some time.

Maps showing open and closed trails are available in the brown box under Re-opened Trails Maps. Nighttime and off-trail restrictions are shown on the trail maps.

Royal Arch Trail Reopens 11/8: Royal Arch Trail reopened on Sat. Nov. 8. Learn how the 2013 September floods damaged the famous Boulder trail, and how OSMP and local climbers came together to rebuild it on the Royal Arch Repairs page.

Upper Saddle Rock Trail Reopens 5/24: Saddle Rock Trail opened on Sat. May 24. OSMP crews had to rebuild the trail in locations where floodwater removed large sections of earth. Department crews also installed a ladder in a steep, flood-damaged section of trail. Visitors need to exercise caution while on the ladder. OSMP also advises that visitors should not allow their dogs to attempt to negotiate the ladder.

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Saddle Rock LadderSaddle Rock LadderSaddle Rock LadderSaddle Rock LadderSaddle Rock Ladder

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Remaining long-term OSMP trail projects include (these trails are currently closed):

Boulder Falls Trail: Boulder Falls Trail and the area around Boulder Falls remain closed. The trail sustained damage in the flood that needs to be repaired and rock scaling above the trail needs to be completed before the trail can re-open.

South Boulder Creek Bridge: The South Boulder Creek Trail bridge over South Boulder Creek was destroyed during the flood. Work is ongoing to replace the bridge. South Boulder Creek Trail is open on both sides of the bridge.

Chapman Drive (currently open to trail users): The entire length of Chapman Drive is open to trail users, but it is still closed as an emergency access road because of flood damage. Cyclists and equestrians may find the road difficult to traverse. The road is a critical emergency access for first responders and OSMP is working to develop a plan for reconstructing the road to handle vehicles.

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Switchbacks on Chapman DriveDeep erosion gulley on Chapman Drive

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Gregory Canyon Road: Much of the surface of the asphalt road was destroyed. It is a long-term road rebuilding project where OSMP is developing a reconstruction plan. Currently, the access road is closed to all visitors while Boulder County is using the road to stage equipment needed in their Flagstaff Road repair project. The project is expected to take up to five months to complete. Immediately following the completion of that project the city plans to repair the Gregory Canyon access road so it can be opened late this year.

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Access road to Gregory Canyon TrailheadAccess road to Gregory Canyon Trailhead

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