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Soil Sampling and Analysis

The City of Boulder is part of a multi-agency partnership supporting the development of the Rocky Mountain Greenway in Jefferson and Boulder County.   

In May of 2016, the Boulder City Council approved the city’s participation in the partnership’s grant application to Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) for funding to create an underpass beneath Colorado Highway 128 connecting Boulder’s open space trails with the Rocky Mountain Greenway and the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge. 

To address public health and safety concerns, the City Council made the city’s support and financial commitment to the underpass project conditional upon the results of soil sampling for radionuclides demonstrating that contamination levels (if any) fall below federal human health standards.

Jefferson County has coordinated the partners in the grant application with FHWA, has led the contracting of a consulting firm and has prepared a website with more information about this project to ensure that community members of all the partner jurisdictions have the information available at the same time as the project moves forward. Part of the partnerships due diligence is conducting soil sampling to address public health and safety concerns. The draft soil sampling and analysis plan (SAP) was available for review from June 24 through August 2. Partnership staff and engineering consultants are currently reviewing comments. Visit Jefferson County's site to learn more about the partnership and sign up for project updates.

Background Information

Open Space Board of Trustees (Feb. 11, 2016)

City Council Action (May 3, 2016)