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Wendy Marie Stuart Gallery

Photos by Wendy Marie Stuart at Sawhill Ponds.

Blue Sunset - Great Blue Heron along Boulder CreekAmerican Avocet searches for food at Sawhill Ponds.Bookends - horses on agricultural property adjacent to Sawhill Ponds.Ancient Companions - Mallard duck and two turtles at Sawhill PondsContentment - a mourning dove preens.Three's a Crowd - painted turtles at Sawhill PondsReflection of Elegance - snowy egret at Sawhill PondsFlicker's Autumn - a Northern Flicker at Sawhill PondsBeautiful Prickly poppy close up,Goldfinch Snack - A female American Goldfinch chews on a Salsify seedBountiful Harvest - Adult male American Goldfinch backlit eats thistle seeds.Wendy Marie Stuart PhotographyA house wren sits outside a small hole in the knot of a dead tree, presumably its cavity nest.Reflections in Ice - American Dipper stands on an ice in Boulder Creek.Eastern Kingbird sits on her nest with three chicks.Morning Munchies - A cottontail rabbit nibbles some grass.Best Foot Forward - young great horned owl shows off its talons at Sawhill Ponds.Three baby great horned owls at Sawhill Ponds.Out on a Limb - Adult Great Horned Owl sits alone on a dead branch at Sawhill Ponds.A red-tailed hawk takes off from bare winter tree branches at Sawhill Ponds.Seeds of Hope - Showy Milkweed seeds breaking out of the pods.Wilson's Snipe sits at the edge of a pond at Sawhill.Spring Blossoms - Two Painted Lady butterflies nectar on wild plum flowers.Symphony - water plants at Sawhill Ponds.Finishing Touches - Red-winged Blackbird with nesting material in her beak.Water Wings - White Pelican at Sawhill Ponds.Yellow-headed Blackbird at Sawhll Ponds.Shades of Autumn - sunset at Sawhill Ponds.Back At Ya! - Tree Swallow at Sawhill Ponds.Little One's Big Yawn - baby great horned owl at Sawhill Ponds.

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