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Trail Study Areas

What are Trail Study Areas (TSAs)?

The Visitor Master Plan (VMP) set goals that establish an overall framework for providing visitor services and protecting resources on OSMP lands. TSA plans were identified in the VMP as area-specific plans to establish implementation strategies that improve the visitor experience and provide a sustainable trail system while protecting natural and cultural resources. Community collaboration and input is critical to successful TSA planning. Four TSA Plans have been completed and are being implemented, the Marshall Mesa / Southern Grasslands TSA, the Eldorado Mountain / Doudy Draw TSA, the West TSA, and the North TSA.

The number and extent of TSAs was modified from what was envisioned in the Visitor Master Plan after completion of the Eldorado Mountain / Doudy Draw TSA. The new TSA boundary map pdf was approved in 2007. 

Trail planning within TSAs focuses on existing designated trail systems, undesignated trails, and activities on the trails, and asks how existing trails can be modified to improve:
  • quality of the visitor experience
  • protection and restoration of natural and cultural resources
  • visitor access opportunities
  • physical sustainability of the trails system

TSA Planning

The order for remaining TSA plans is:

  • East
  • Remainder of South

Completed TSA Plans

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