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Visitor Master Plan

Visitor Master Plan

Enjoy and Protect!

Years from now, a hiker steps into Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks--and steps into a world apart from the hectic pace of the city. She pauses to marvel at the vast natural spaces that are home to native plant and wildlife species. Chances are good that she might be walking through a tall grass prairie or along a foothills ridge, features uniquely preserved here at the junction of Colorado's Great Plains and Rocky Mountains. The sounds of footsteps are occasionally joined by a horse's clip-clop gait or the soft whirr of a bicycle's wheels. It is clear that the stewards of this land have done their jobs well. As she follows a trail into a nearby neighborhood, the hiker makes a mental note--"I'll come back soon."

The Visitor Master Plan (VMP)

The VMP is more than words on paper. It frames a vision of what Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks can offer visitors tomorrow and in perpetuity.

Boulder's citizens have a long history of preserving wildlands from development, beginning in 1898 and continuing today. Generations of Boulderites have cared for this land as a legacy for future generations.

The Visitor Master Plan (VMP) will guide the Open Space and Mountain Parks Department for the next decade. Its overall purpose is to provide a framework for decisions that will ensure a continued high quality visitor experience, while at the same time ensuring that the lands are protected and preserved for future generations. The Plan provides the policy direction, management strategies, and investment programs that will accomplish this vision. The Open Space and Mountain Parks Department is interested in how you think we're doing with meeting the vision of the VMP. Find out what's been accomplished and what lies ahead for Open Space and Mountain Parks and let us know what you think.

Enhance * Improve * Enjoy and Protect * Partner

The Visitor Master Plan has four overall goals. These goals are the product of citizen advisory committees appointed by the Open Space Board of Trustees in 1999 and 2003 to advise the Open Space and Mountain Parks Program on the preparation of this Visitor Master Plan.

Goal 1: Enhance the experience

Maintain or enhance the quality of the visitor experience when engaged in passive recreational activities such as hiking, climbing, and bicycling.

Goal 2: Improve access

Provide and maintain highly functional and sustainable visitor facilities that support visitor access to appropriate destinations and add to the quality of their experience.

Goal 3: Enjoy and protect

Ensure that passive recreational activities and facilities are compatible with long-term protection of natural, agricultural, and cultural resources.

Goal 4: Partner with the community

Partner with the community in passive recreation decision-making and stewardship efforts.

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