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Visitors With Disabilities

Visitors With Disabilities

Please be advised that many of these trails sustained damage in the September 2013 floods and may not be as easy to navigate as they were before the flooding.

The City of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks department recognizes the importance of providing a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities for people of all abilities. Many trails, parking areas, shelters and facilities on OSMP already meet accessibility guidelines established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Others are being retrofitted every year as staff and budget constraints allow. ADA guidelines figure heavily in the design of new structures, trails and facilities. 

In 2000, OSMP co-published a guide book for people with disabilities, Boulder Area Accessible Trails and Natural Sites pdf. The trails and natural sites in this guide book should be accessible to the average wheelchair, walker or scooter user. Twenty-one sites and 22 trails are covered in detail in the guide book. We describe each location in  terms of its natural and cultural history attractions, available facilities like bathrooms and accessible picnic areas, and analyze its difficulty of access. We also supply a fold out color map of each site. We hope you find the guide useful, and welcome your comments for upcoming editions. Also, check out the Accessibility Trail Rankings pdf document which shows accessibility ratings for OSMP and Boulder County Parks & Open Space trails and includes ease of use, scenery, shade access, mileage and more.

Accessible Trails - Videos

It can be stressful to many people with disabilities to go somewhere and not know what kind of obstacles they are going to encounter. These 5 to 6-minute fast motion videos show the entire accessible trail hiked by wheelchair user Topher Downham. Along the way he shows us in a light-hearted manner obstacles encountered, local flora and fauna, and activities available at each location. Hopefully this will make hiking easier, more available, and more enjoyable for people with disabilities.

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