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Voice and Sight Tags


Please consider leashing dogs to help maintain distance: Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) trails and paths at the Boulder Reservoir and Coot Lake, managed by Boulder Parks and Recreation, are seeing increased usage and a significant number of complaints of off-leash dogs approaching people. Given the significant increase in visitation to city trails during this time, please consider leashing your pet in Voice and Sight areas when passing others to help maintain social distancing.

Always bring a face covering when leaving your home. Anyone over 12 years old is required to wear face coverings anytime they cannot maintain six feet of distance at OSMP trailheads and when passing others on trails. If visitors are at least 6 feet away from others, they do not need to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth. However, if visitors reach 6 feet distance to someone else on the trail, they should put the covering back over their nose and mouth. Learn more.

Limited parking on Flagstaff Mountain. Flagstaff Mountain continues to be busy on the weekends. Parking is extremely limited. For your safety & the safety of others, do not park along the side of the road. Illegally parked vehicles can be ticketed and towed. Consider visiting different locations. Plan your visits through or download the Boulder AreaTrails App.

Siempre traigan un cobertor facial cuando salgan de su hogar.  Cualquier persona mayor de 12 años requiere usar un cobertor facial cuando no pueda mantener una distancia de 6 pies (2m), ya sea en las entradas de los parques o cuando pasen a otros en el sendero. Si los visitantes están a más de 6 pies (2m) de otros, no necesitan usarlo para cubrirse la nariz y la boca. Sin embargo, si los visitantes se acercan a 6 pies (2m) o menos de distancia de alguien en el sendero, deben cubrirse la nariz y la boca.

Stay on trail and walk through mud. If needed, step off to maintain distance. Please avoid stepping on vegetation. If possible, step onto a rock or a bare spot to let others pass, then step back on the trail. Politely announce yourself if you need to pass others. Traveling off trail, whether hiking, running or biking, can permanently damage vegetation and widen trails. Learn more.

Proteja a las personas, quédese en casa. Si es indispensable salir, practique la recreación responsable. Mantenga 6 pies de distancia física, use cobertores de cara y evite viajes innecesarios. Para más información. 

New to the Program? Before You Register:

All OSMP public programs, including the Voice and Sight Tag Program education classes, are currently cancelled due to COVID-19. Please check back here for any changes.  

If you have completed program requirements, such as attending the education course prior to COVID-19, Voice and Sight Tags can be obtained online. Please note that OSMP's Hub at 2520 55th Street is closed. Learn more about city-related COVID-19 closures


  • Complete the Voice and Sight Education Class: Attendance is automatically verified during the tag registration process. Please wait until the second business day after taking the class before registering for Voice and Sight Tags to allow class attendance to be processed.
  • Make sure your dog’s rabies vaccination is up-to-date: Obtain rabies vaccination certificate and have a copy available as a PDF, picture, or a graphic file to upload when registering online. A hard copy will be needed if registering in-person.

Renew or Register for Voice and Sight Tags:

2020 Renewals are live!  

The City of Boulder and OSMP have chosen DocuPet, its pet licensing program provider, as its new Voice & Sight tag administrator. If you completed the initial Voice & Sight education requirement after Jan. 1, 2015, you will receive an email from DocuPet with renewal instructions.

If you completed the Voice & Sight Education Class prior to Jan. 1, 2015, you will be required to update your education certification before renewing. Instructions for updating your education certification were provided via email from OSMP beginning the week of Dec. 9, 2019. Some people who are registered in the Voice and Sight Program and have opted out of emails or are using different emails may not have received an update about the class. If you did not receive an email by Monday, Dec. 16, please contact OSMP at 303-441-3440. 

See the options below for registering. 

All Voice and Sight Tags expire Dec. 31 of each year. If you included an email in your account, you will be sent a reminder each year when it is time to renew. While the tag is no longer valid after Dec. 31, you have until Jan. 31 to take advantage of renewal pricing.

Registration/Renewal Options 

Please note: In person registration/renewal options are currently unavailable because of COVID19-related office closures 

Location What can be purchased here? Payment Methods Accepted?

Online Registration/Renewal

Voice & Sight Tags and dog licenses. Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
Mon - Fri 8 am - 5 pm
2520 55th Street,
Boulder, CO 80301
Please check for regular office closures before visiting
City of Boulder dog licenses and Voice & Sight Tags Check, Cash, Credit Cards (Visa or MasterCard) 
Police Department
1805 33rd Street
Boulder, CO 80301
City of Boulder dog licenses and Voice & Sight Tags Check, Cash or Credit Card
Boulder Police Department
Attn: Animal Protection
1805 33rd Street
Boulder, CO 80301
Voice & Sight Tags only.
City of Boulder residents: dog license must be purchased first.
Check only


Renewal Fees

  • City of Boulder residents: $5.
  • Boulder County residents not in the City of Boulder: $20.
  • Non-Boulder County residents: $30.
  • Between Nov. 1 and Jan. 31 renewal fees apply. Starting Feb. 1, renewal fees will no longer be valid and initial registration fees will be applied.

Initial Registration Fees

  • City of Boulder residents: $13.
  • Boulder County residents not in the City of Boulder: $33.
  • Non-Boulder County residents: $75.
  • The registration fee includes one guardian and one dog. The fee for each additional guardian in a household is $5, and the fee for each additional dog in a household is $10.
  • The additional guardian and dog registration fees will be waived for City of Boulder households who meet income criteria consistent with the City of Boulder Food Tax Rebate Program or the Parks and Recreation Reduced Rate Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the topic below to see frequently asked questions about that topic.

General Questions

What is the Voice and Sight Tag Program?
In 2006, OSMP rolled out the Voice and Sight Tag Program, which allows dogs to access designated trails off leash if they display special participation tags and they are under “voice and sight control” of their guardians at all times. In 2015, new program changes went into effect which require all program participants to complete an education class, verify a City of Boulder dog license or rabies vaccination for all dogs participating in the program and pay revised program fees.

Can I walk my dog off-leash within the city limits of Boulder after I have purchased a tag?
The Voice and Sight Tag Program applies only to certain City of Boulder lands where having a dog on a leash is not required. On-leash control is always required within the city limits of Boulder except in specially designated dog parks or other areas specifically exempted from this requirement. All trails posted as requiring a leash prohibit the use of voice and sight control.

Is participating in the program a requirement or just a request?
It is required by law for anyone intending to use voice and sight control privileges. Participation in the program and displaying a valid program tag on all dogs under voice and sight control is required by the Boulder Revised Code (BRC) 6-1-16 and 6-13-2 through 6-13-5.

Is the Voice and Sight Tag unique to a specific dog?
Yes, the tag signifies that the dog guardian has registered in the program and that the dog meets vaccination requirements.  

Is there a test or certification process associated with getting Voice and Sight Tags?
No. By registering for the program and displaying the tags on your dog, you are simply stating that you have attended the education class on voice and sight control. You also agree to walk your dog under voice and sight control terms while on City of Boulder lands that allow voice and sight control.

How do I get a replacement for a lost tag?
You can replace a lost tag online through the renew/update link, or by coming in to one of our offices - details on locations and office hours are available above. 

Why register as "Dog Walker Only"?
If you don't intend to register a dog and only walk other peoples dogs under voice and sight control; the registration process is streamlined to not include dog information. No tags will be shipped.
Note:  If you are a commercial dog-walker, you will also need a Commercial Use Permit to bring dogs to Open Space and Mountain Parks.
If you end up acquiring a dog after registering as a "Dog Walker Only" you can add dogs to your household account by calling 720-564-2006.

What is needed to register online?

  1. Complete the Voice and Sight Class. Attendance is automatically verified during the registration process. Please wait one full business day between taking the class and registering for Voice and Sight Tags to allow class attendance to be processed for registration.
  2. City of Boulder Residents need to purchase a City of Boulder dog license for the current year before Voice and Sight Tag registration. 
  3. Guardians residing outside the City of Boulder need to have a copy of each dog’s rabies vaccination certificate available as a PDF, picture or a graphic file to upload when registering.
  4. Credit card for payment.

How long will it take me to get my tags after I have ordered them online?  
Please allow up to seven business days for tags to be processed and delivered in the mail.

Rabies Vaccination Information

What is needed for providing proof of a valid rabies vaccination?  
A rabies vaccination certificate is provided by a veterinarian after inoculation and commonly includes information about the dog, dog guardian, and rabies vaccination date and expiration. The rabies vaccination must be valid at the time of registration. If you do not have a copy of a document with this information, contact your veterinarian to obtain a copy. A rabies tag will not be accepted as proof of vaccination. View a sample rabies certificate pdf.

If my dog cannot get a rabies vaccination for medical reasons, what can I do to be compliant with the rabies vaccination requirement?  
Exemption from the rabies vaccination requirement is possible with a letter from a veterinarian affirming that the animal is medically unable to receive the required vaccination. If you are a City of Boulder resident, you’ll need to provide this waiver when you purchase your Boulder dog license. If you live outside the City of Boulder, you’ll provide the waiver at the time of registering for your Voice and Sight Tags. If you purchase tags online, you’ll upload a copy of the waiver instead of proof of vaccination.

How do I upload my dog's rabies certificate?

  • If you have a hard copy of the vaccination certificate, you can take a picture with a phone or camera to create a picture file that can be uploaded, or scan a copy of the document.
  • Call the veterinary clinic where your dog received the rabies vaccination and they may be able to email a copy of the certificate.
  • A photo of your dog's rabies tag is not acceptable.

Renewal Process

Do I have to renew the tag every year?
Yes, all Voice and Sight Tags expire Dec. 31 of each year. If you included an email in your account, you will be sent a reminder each year for when it is time to renew. 

Do I have to take the class again?
To stay active in the program, participants must pay annual renewal fees, and complete an online refresher education course at least every five years.

Infractions and Penalties

Am I protected from getting a ticket if my dog has a Voice and Sight Control Tag?
No. A dog guardian who participates in the program and walks a dog under voice and sight control in areas where it is allowed may still be issued for any violation of voice and sight control rules including but not limited to the following infractions:

  • The dog guardian is walking more than two dogs under voice and sight control;
  • The dog guardian is not carrying a leash for each dog being walked under voice and sight control;
  • The dog guardian fails to display a voice and sight tag on dog;
  • The dog guardian has a dog under voice and sight control and is not registered in the Voice and Sight Tag Program
  • The dog is not within the guardian’s sight and under voice control at all times;
  • The dog does not come to and stay with the guardian immediately upon command;
  • The dog charges, chases or otherwise displays aggression toward any person, or behaves in a way that any reasonable person may find harassing or disturbing;
  • The dog charges, chases or otherwise displays aggression toward any dog; or
  • The dog chases, harasses or disturbs wildlife or livestock.

What are the penalties associated with violations?
Offenses related to not meeting the requirements of the Voice and Sight Tag Program, off-leash or voice and sight control violations, and dog at large circumstances are subject to a maximum penalty for a first violation of $100. For a second violation within 24 months, the maximum penalty is a fine of $200. A third violation within the same 24 months will result in a fine of not less than $300. Additionally, the courts may impose conditions that require attendance at the education class related to voice and sight control, evaluation or training of the dog, or temporary suspension or permanent revocation of voice and sight control privileges for egregious violations or repeat offenders.