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Volunteer for OSMP

Volunteer for OSMP

Over 1,000 dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers contribute thousands of hours of service every year to help care for our Open Space and Mountain Parks lands. Come join us!

Ways to Volunteer:

Upcoming Volunteer Projects - Single Day

Forestry Projects

Volunteers will work alongside the City of Boulder, OSMP Forestry Crew to restore and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire by creating a healthier forest ecosystem. Tasks will involve dragging, hauling and feeding the chipper with slash (tree branches). Forestry Crew Leads will discuss why specific management techniques are implemented. To learn more go to the Forest Ecosystem Management Plan (FEMP). 

Thursday 9 am - 4 pm. This project is offered on Thursday:

September 10

Farming Projects

Volunteers will assist OSMP agricultural tenants in planting organic tomatoes and other vegetables. The OSMP agriculture specialists will discuss the history of agriculture in the area, organic vegetable production on OSMP, and what it takes to grow vegetables in this region. Tenants will teach their particular farming methods that help the ecosystem and the community.

Wednesdays 8:30 am - 12 pm. This project is offered on the following Wednesdays:

September 23
October 7

Trail Building Projects

Volunteers will assist OSMP with building and repairing trails. Projects vary with location.

Saturdays 8 am - 3 pm. This project is offered on the following Saturdays:

September 12 - Long Canyon
September 26 - Bear Canyon

Bee Pollination Gardens Project

Help create bee pollination gardens at South Teller Trailhead. Volunteers will assist in establishing two pollinator-friendly gardens. The project will consist of assembling raised beds, installing landscape fabric, adding soil, planting flowers, and mulching. 

Friday 9 am - 12 pm. This project is offered on Friday:

September 25

Water Resources Projects

Volunteers will join the City of Boulder’s Water Resource Technician for maintenance and clean up of the historic Silver Lake Ditch. Annual upkeep of this canal helps maximize the efficiency of transport for agricultural and recreational purposes throughout the city. Volunteers will trim woody shrubs and trees and remove sediment build up along the corridors of the ditch.  

Saturdays 9 am - 4 pm. This project is offered on the following Saturdays:

October 10
October 24
November 7
November 14
November 21

Seed Collection Projects

Volunteers will assist OSMP Plant Ecologists in collecting seed from a native plant called blue flax in the Wonderland Lake area, or another OSMP property. The seed will be saved for future use on prairie restoration projects.

Thursday mornings. This project is offered on Thursday:

October 8

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Volunteer Programs - Long Term

Bat Monitors - Program Full

Holy Chiroptera! Bat monitors head out at dusk to ponds and bat roost sites, performing auditory and visual bat population counts.

Volunteer host at the Flagstaff Nature Center

Hosts - Program Full

Friendly volunteers greet the public and provide information at community events, trailheads and facilities.

Trail Guides - Program Full

Trail Guides travel OSMP trails enhancing visitors’ experiences. They provide visitor information and assist those in need.

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