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Volunteer for OSMP

Volunteer for OSMP

City of Boulder, Open Space and Mountain Parks Volunteer Program

One-Day Service Learning Volunteer Opportunities

Project volunteers participate in one-day or multi-day, on-the-ground service learning projects. Volunteer opportunities are available to corporations, schools, organizations, youth groups and colleges. Developed from work group priorities, OSMP offers: restoration, trail building, agriculture, ditch maintenance, vegetation management, forestry projects, seed collections. We look forward to working with you!

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On-Going Volunteer Opportunities

Program volunteers assist the department annually in carrying out its mission and goals by committing to seasonal and long term assignments. Program volunteers are Trail Guides/Park Patrollers, Raptor and Bat Wildlife Monitors, Rare Plant Monitors, Volunteer Naturalists who lead interpretative hikes, Flagstaff Nature Center Hosts, and more. Become a program volunteer today and join an esteemed team of volunteers that are essential to the success of these programs.

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City-Wide Volunteer Opportunities

In recognition of the benefits of community involvement and engagement, and in coordination with the City of Boulder’s broader volunteer initiatives. Open Space and Mountain Parks is a member of the City of Boulder Volunteer Cooperative and offers several year-round volunteer opportunities to community members and organizations looking to give back in meaningful ways.

City-Wide Volunteer Cooperative 

OSMP Featured Volunteer - Janie Stuart

How long have you been volunteering?

8 years in various roles: trail guide, host at Chautauqua, working at Meadow Music, assisting Alzheimer Association hikes, and as a Volunteer Naturalist leading hikes for groups of young people and adults, plus presenting indoor programs in local grade schools.

What do you like about volunteering for OSMP?

First of all, I love seeing how much people enjoy being out on the trails of OSMP. The environment seems to make them happy. Another plus is that as a volunteer I received exciting training about the unique topography and plants and animals of OSMP. Did you know that the Boulder foothills are closer to the Continental Divide than any other areas along the Front Range of Colorado? This is what creates our beautiful "cloud valleys."

What’s your favorite thing to do on open space? Where?

It all depends on the weather. Climbing Green Mountain or hiking the Mesa Trail are favorites of mine. A short little trail, Towhee, is also great because it's a wildlife area (no pets, please), set aside for the birds and animals that use the stream and shrubs for protection and food.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about open space since you started?

The variety that’s available on the 45,000 acres. Everything from ancient geology and seabed floor, in Boulder Valley to magnificent South Boulder Peak.

What’s the most frequently asked question that you get/or what do you help people with the most?

Depending on where I am, either wayfinding or “what are they looking at” . Why these gorgeous flowers are right here, what are they, or the name of a bird.

I frequently hear “What a gorgeous day” no matter what the weather is, people are so happy to be out.

Any favorite stories/encounters from when you were “on duty?”

I remember hiking on a narrow trail through the fog, and came across a couple, and we all agreed it was magical, and we realized we were whispering to each other!

A lot of times I'll see wildlife like deer or our local Abert's squirrels, and visitors will come by and stop and observe with me. At rare times I've been lucky to share a bear sighting with visitors.

I have so many fond memories, it’s a joy for me to be out.

Photo: OSMP volunteer Janie Stuart with long-time Boulder hikers John and Helen Whitbeck and Kyle Whitbeck.

Volunteer Janie Stuart with Boulder hikers


Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Volunteer Services provides programs, projects, and events to community members and organizations year-round. OSMP connects with the community through offering many opportunities for people to give back to the land in meaningful ways. OSMP’s Volunteer Coordinators appreciate your dedication and commitment from the community. Thank you for becoming a volunteer!

Count Me In Boulder - Register Here! 

To register for a one-day volunteer group project, click the provided tab below. Count Me In Boulder is a citywide volunteer coordination and event management database. The cloud-based system will save staff members, volunteers and patrons time and energy with intuitive features like automated hour tracking, self-reported site visits with impact-related measures, eLearning, activity registration, highly customizable reporting, world class training and support, and more.


Service Enterprise Certification logo We are pleased to announce that OSMP volunteer services programs and projects as part of the City of Boulder Volunteer Cooperative have been certified by Points of Light as a Service Enterprise! A Service Enterprise is an organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills throughout their organization to successfully deliver on its social mission. To earn this honor, Volunteer Cooperative staff completed an extensive assessment, over 20 hours of training and consulting, extensive internal planning and change to better integrate volunteers in our day-to-day operations. By achieving this level of excellence and certification, OSMP and the Volunteer Cooperative is now better equipped to leverage the time and talent of volunteers and better meet our mission.

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