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Voice and Sight Tag Registration

Welcome to the Voice and Sight Tag Program

Renew Voice and Sight Tags

I, or my household (family), already have a purple 2017 tag and need to renew for 2018 or update the account. For example: add a dog, add a guardian or buy renewal/replacement tags.

Renew Tags/ Update existing account.

New Account

I, or my household (family), am registering for the Voice and Sight Tag Program for the first time.

Register for Voice and Sight Tag Program.

Registration Tips & FAQs

What do I need to register online?

  • Complete the Voice and Sight Class. Attendance is automatically verified during the registration process. Please wait one full business day between taking the class and registering for Voice and Sight Tags to allow class attendance to be processed for registration.
  • City of Boulder Residents need to purchase a City of Boulder dog license for the current year before Voice and Sight Tag registration. When purchasing your dog license you will receive a unique pet ID number that you will need to obtain your Voice and Sight tag. On the Voice and Sight registration page you will be required to input that code to proceed with the purchase of your Voice and Sight tag. 
  • Guardians living outside the City of Boulder need to have a copy of each dog's rabies vaccination certificate available as a PDF, picture, or a graphic file to upload when registering.
  • Credit card for payment.
  • To be sure your registration is submitted, you must go through the entire process and conclude with the "registration confirmation" webpage.
  • The registration process will on average take 10 minutes.

How long will it take for me to get my tags after I have ordered them online?

  • Please allow seven business days for tags to be processed and delivered in the mail.

Why register as "Dog Walker Only"?

  • If you don't intend to register a dog and only walk other peoples dogs under voice and sight control; the registration process is streamlined to not include dog information. No tags will be shipped.
  • Note: If you are a commercial dog-walker, you will also need a Commercial Use Permit to bring dogs to Open Space and Mountain Parks.
  • If you end up acquiring a dog after registering as a "Dog Walker Only" you can add dogs to your household account by calling 720-564-2006.

General Tips

  • Read all instructions carefully as information must be entered exactly as required for the registration software to work properly. The software matches the name and address used to register for the Voice and Sight Class.
  • All people added to the household account must be from the same address. 

How do I upload my dog's rabies certificate?

  • If you have a hard copy of the vaccination certificate, you can take a picture with a phone or camera to create a picture file that can be uploaded, or scan a copy of the document.
  • Call the veterinary clinic where your dog received the rabies vaccination and they may be able to email a copy of the certificate.
  • A photo of your dog's rabies tag is not acceptable.

What is a rabies vaccination certificate?

  • A rabies certificate is a document provided by Veterinarians that states the day the vaccination was administered and the date it expires. Paperwork varies from clinic to clinic. An acceptable certificate will have official vet clinic information, dog name, and the date of rabies vaccination or when the vaccination is due to be renewed.
  • The vaccination must be valid at the time of registration for a Voice and Sight Tag.
  • If you don't have a copy of your dog's certificate, contact the veterinarian or clinic that vaccinated your dog and request a copy of the rabies vaccination. Some clinics will email a copy of the certificate.
  • View a sample rabies certificate pdf.

If my dog cannot get a rabies vaccination for medical reasons, what can I do meet the rabies vaccination requirement?

Exemption from the rabies vaccination requirement is possible with a letter from a veterinarian affirming that the dog is medically unable to receive the required vaccination. You will need to provide the waiver during the online registration for your Voice and Sight Tags by uploading a copy of the waiver instead of proof of vaccination.

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