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Wonderland Lake Integrated Site Project (ISP)

Wonderland Lake

Project Updates

Engagement Window #3 Postponed

The City of Boulder is working with local, county and state partners to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and protect the well-being of our community. As part of these efforts, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, Wonderland Lake community engagement planned for late March and April (Engagement Window #3) has been postponed. If you are active in this community effort, please inform others who may participate in this project.

Engagement Window #3 will be rescheduled for some time in mid to late summer, in July or August, as an online input opportunity (in line with City Guidance for Community Engagement during COVID). We will share the details on the dates and what the online opportunity will look like in the upcoming weeks. 

Next Steps:

OSMP staff will present a preliminary package of actions for community feedback during Engagement Window #3. The preliminary package of actions is informed by the feedback shared during Engagement Window #2, which helped us gauge the level of support for ideas community members shared during Engagement Window #1. Thank you for the valuable feedback. The in-depth discussion and thoughtful input has contributed greatly to the potential of improving our approach to managing the land at Wonderland Lake. View the feedback we received via the Engagement Window #2 questionnaire pdf.

After the conclusion of Engagement Window #3 staff will analyze the community feedback and make possible revisions to the preliminary package of management actions. Staff will then present the package of actions and request a recommendation on the name change at the Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT) meeting in the fall.

Wading will not be considered

Wading will not be further considered. In light of the possibility of harmful algae blooms at lakes and ponds across the city and Colorado, including Wonderland Lake, allowing wading has been determined to be infeasible.

Project Area

The Wonderland Lake Integrated Site Project (ISP) area includes the Wonderland Lake Loop Trail (on OSMP lands) and area that encircles Wonderland Lake, and the Wonderland Lake Trailhead, with associated Foothills Nature Center. Map of the Wonderland Lake ISP project area pdf

This ISP does not include the trail improvements identified in the North Trail Study Area (TSA) pdf for the foothills west and north of the lake. 

OSMP will not initiate or implement any ISP associated changes in 2019, however regular maintenance, small trail sustainability projects and existing junior ranger and educational and outreach activities pdf will continue. 

Overall Process

This comprehensive community engagement effort will honor what has already been heard from the community, aim to strengthen relationships with the community, and build a shared understanding of OSMP Charter purposes and goals for the area. The process aims to result in alignment on a set of actions for the area that: 

  • best protect the ecological and scenic integrity of the Wonderland Lake area;
  • improve visitor’s enjoyment;
  • help youth connect with nature;
  • advance goals from approved plans or confirm that existing conditions are in alignment with and meet the goals of approved plans; and 
  • improve the Foothills Nature Center for Junior Ranger, education, and nature programs.

With broad community involvement in discussing ways goals from approved plans can be met and evaluating new ideas, staff is confident that we can find alignment with the community on actions for the Wonderland Lake ISP that fit the character of the Wonderland Lake area.

Based on previous community feedback:

  • The preliminary alternatives that were designed last fall have been set aside. 
  • A pier and a boardwalk will no longer be considered as means to achieve North TSA Plan goals for the area.

Through this process the name-change application, submitted by a community group, for the lake area to be re-named a “wildlife sanctuary” will also be considered. 

The following graphic outlines the community engagement. There will be three "engagement windows" - which are specific timeframes where the department seeks public input - that will build on the previous one. More information on the upcoming Community Engagements will be provided closer to each engagement window.

Graphic showing public process steps for Wonderland Lake ISP

Past Public Engagement Documents

Engagement Window #2 (December 2019)

This document captures the unique comments and questions pdf provided by community members during Engagement Window #1 that are not specific on-the-ground actions or could not for another reason be included in the Engagement Window #2 questionnaire/”matrix of options”. This document includes staff’s answers to questions, provides an explanation of how OSMP will or already is addressing the comment and why the comment was not included in the questionnaire/ “matrix of options”. 

Engagement Window #1 (June 2019)

Community Engagement Window #1 Staff Presentation pdf

Previous Design and Public Engagement (Oct. 2018 – Feb. 2019)

Record of Public Comments from Email and City Webforms 11/30/2018 – 1/5/2019 pdf

Date Public Engagement Comments Received
Oct. 27 Trail-side engagement to discuss concepts Community Input pdf
Nov. 14 Public meeting to reveal preliminary alternatives Community Input pdf
Nov. 15-Dec. 4 Online questionnaire on preliminary alternatives Questionnaire Results pdf
Dec. 18 Schoolchildren engagement Schoolchildren Input pdf
Dec. 19 On site meeting with local neighbor leaders to discuss concerns over preliminary alternatives, specifically the fishing pier and boardwalk. N/A
Jan. 15 Community listening session Meeting Comments pdf
FAQ pdf
Project Paused

February Council Memo pdf

Watch the Jan. 15 Community Meeting

Preliminary Alternatives pdf (these have been set aside and are no longer being considered)

Keep Wonderland Lake Wild Petition Comments pdf