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Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Mid-Term Update

2020 Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Mid-Term Update

The Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) is used by the City of Boulder and Boulder County to guide long-range planning, the review of development proposals and other activities that shape the built and natural environments in the Boulder Valley. The plan helps the community create and preserve a sustainable future for the Boulder Valley and a high quality of life.

The mid-term update, a routine process to ensure the BVCP incorporates recent area plans and current maps, is taking place in 2020. The mid-term update reviews progress made against objectives identified in the last major plan update, provides an opportunity for the public to request changes to the plan that do not involve significant city and county resources and makes minor additions or clarifications to the policy section.

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Latest News

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  • June 2, 2020: City Council held a public hearing and provided direction on the BVCP Mid-Term Update screening process. Council approved staff’s and Planning Board’s recommend list of change requests to move forward for further consideration. 
  • May 28, 2020: Planning Board conducted the screening process for the BVCP Mid-Term Update to determine the proposed amendments for further consideration. Members of the public submitted 13 requests for land use and/or policy/text amendments. Staff recommended three public requests for amendments for further consideration. The Planning Board unanimously passed motions reflecting the staff recommendations with a few provisions of additional guidance. Additionally, the board provided a recommendation to City Council regarding future work plan priorities to implement the BVCP.
  • Staff will conduct analysis and community engagement, aiming for adoption hearings in the fall to complete the 2020 BVCP Mid-Term Update by the end of the year. More information about all potential changes to the comprehensive plan and how community members can be engaged will be shared here in the coming weeks!


Community-Requested Changes for Consideration

Evaluate requested change from the property-owner to correct mapping errors of inaccurately applied Public (PUB) and Low Density Residential (LR) land uses.  

Evaluate requested change from the property-owner for land use amendment from Medium Density Residential (MR) to a Business Land Use to more accurately align with existing commercial uses. 

Evaluate requested change from the property-owner, Mt. Hope Lutheran Church, for land use amendment from Low Density Residential (LR) to a higher density residential or mixed-use land use to support community-serving new uses on the vacant portions of the property. Neighborhood engagement will explore opportunities and impacts and determine if a change would provide a community benefit.  


Staff-Initiated Changes for Consideration

  • 6500 Odell Place

Evaluate potential land use change for the currently vacant parcel at 6500 Odell Place to support permanently affordable housing. Community engagement and evaluation to determine if a land use designation change to support permanently affordable housing aligns with the Gunbarrel Community Center Plan goals area and vision for the area.  

  • Implement recommended land use changes and guide infrastructure improvement planning and future zoning based on approved 2019 Alpine-Balsam Area Plan for city-owned properties.
  • Reflect recent completed Open Space acquisitions


More Information



Staff evaluated each request from the Public Application Process to determine if it met the criteria for BVCP changes to be considered in the Mid-Term Update. Several requests focused on zoning. The Mid-Term Update process concentrates on changes to the BVCP Land Uses. BVCP Land Use designations include broad categories for types of use and density and inform more specific zoning regulations. In areas where BVCP land use is changed, rezoning may be implemented as a next step.

Click on each link below to view the plan change application and staff recommendation for each request. 

Plan Change Requests Map

The Public Application Process for plan change requests is now closed. Click on a point on the map below to view the application for that location. 

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